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The internet tells me that 18 hours of wakefulness is equivalent to being legally drunk (by US standards, of course).

Well then.

I went to bed a little before midnight last night. Fell asleep around 12. And woke up at 2am because I had to use the bathroom. I haven’t been to sleep since then, so I guess I’m getting pretty close to the point where one is drunk on sleeplessness.

Not that I didn’t try to go back to sleep. I did! I don’t understand how anyone can think that I didn’t try to go back to sleep. I may be a glutton for punishment, but…I like sleeping! Why would I give that up? (Wolf-me: Oh, you know…dedication to the cause…)

Wolf me is a nuisance, and should shut up.

(At the same time though, why couldn’t we have developed this ability to never sleep when it would have been useful? Like at the university? I could’ve done so much more if I had simply not needed to sleep!)

Fortunately, there wasn’t a lot happening at the theatre today. I spent most of work messing about and pausing from time to time to clean the lobby and restrooms, and to make appearances to the crew so that they do not think I’m ignoring all the nothing that was happening…

I spent most of the day feeling pleasantly blank and just willing myself to not feel sleepy, which was a fair success until around 4.

Then I went to the jeweler to try and get my watch band replaced, buuuut they can’t replace this one because there are no pins holding the band in place. Instead of removable pins, the watch has solid bars that the band wraps around and attaches again to itself…

And I knew this, about the band, but I didn’t realize that there weren’t detachable pins. And I didn’t realize that bands like this aren’t used much. I’d be inclined to disbelieve that, but I’ve looked at hundreds and hundreds of pictures and I haven’t figured out the right combination of search terms to show me anything with the little folding metal tabs keeping the band attached…not what I expected to run into, but interesting.

Wolf-me decided that for the time being, we’ll just wear the original band and he’ll occupy himself with smothering my objections…
So we got some new holes punched in the band, since it’s previous owner (unsurprisingly) had larger wrists than I do. *considers* It’s weird, to be able to tell which setting this person used to wear this watch…the second to last hole is the only one that looks like it ever was used. (Fortunately, being tired also means that I am not obsessing too much about the source of the stains on the inside of the band…)

I was pleased that the ladies in the shop recognized me again. (I suppose I must take this to mean that they don’t get people bringing in questionable watches very frequently…just me.) And they didn’t charge me. Again. Because I guess I just never pay for things when I go there, eh? Fine by me. I’m happy to take my business someplace where I pay through simply being amusing to little old ladies…

Wednesday I’ll do taxes and figure out how the watch winder works. Wheeeeee ^_^

I didn’t get that store to take any of my dress clothes, so it looks like I’ll just be donating them after all. *shrugs* Oh well. They’re nice things, so maybe someone will find them who needs something to that effect. (Or maybe I ought to hang onto them and in twenty years hope that someone is looking for vintage 2000s things, eh?)

Anyway. I think I’m going to try and read some and maybe, FINALLY, I will sleep.

(by the way…how did I go all that time liking Further Seems Forever, and never know that The Moon is Down is also the title of a book? What else is the internet holding out on me about??)