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I have a somewhat more upsetting post to make, but I feel like I should give it a day or two so I can know for sure what’s happening. Who knows but that maybe it won’t be so bad after all. (Spoilers: it involves my cat going on another emergency vet trip and me taking another unexpected financial hit. I’m just not sure how bad exactly it is.)

Until then…

I am thinking that I can’t trust my bosses to introduce me to people. There was that time at my old theatre when my boss there introduced me to the company’s CEO and announced that my wrist was in a brace because I got into a fight (definitely not true, but at least he was good enough to say that I’d won).

And then there was today with our new manager.

Mike: Shirley, this [my name], who’ll be your best friend for closing this weekend. And is also a fascist.
Shirley: …?
Me: *to Mike* Thanks a lot.
Mike: What? I felt like that was important point to cover.
Me: *to Shirley* Well, I’ve never had Mike try to make someone immediately dislike me, but now that that’s out of the way…

Ugh. That’s not how we prefer to meet new people. -_-”
And then we followed that up with my dropping something near the office door and Mike almost mashing me in the head.

Me: *yelp!*
Mike: Ha! How’s it feel to see your life flash before your eyes like that?
Me: Doesn’t seem right. *pause* I’m pretty sure I just saw three lives flash before my eyes. I don’t remember having used that many.
Brandi: Three’s kind of a lot.
Me: Well, I started with nine…
Blair: So, you’ve got your life as a cat, your theatre life and…?
Mike: *stage whisper* And the one spent serving the Reich.
Me: Ach. That one… *sad face* You know, that’s probably why I feel so at home here.
Blair: Oh?
Me: Yeah. One gets accustomed to certain things, and I really missed the black and red uniforms…
Mike: *laughs*

Closing was easy though. New manager Shirley learned more about closing procedures as a supervisor than most of them do. Tomorrow and Sunday shouldn’t be too bad. (Unless the bulb explodes in the auditorium 8 projector…I forgot to email about that before we left. Oops?)

I ought to feel much better about things because today went really smoothly, but any day when I wake up to my mom pounding on my door because there’s an emergency doesn’t feel like a good day…particularly when I have taken sleep aids the night before, so I’m not really awake when we are talking, and later have to have her re-explain everything to me because I don’t entirely remember what we were talking about, just that it sounded important and I agreed to everything…

Maybe I should try and sleep now, too. Except that I’m feeling too anxious to sleep…


I should at least try.