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You know in those nature documentaries, where there is a herd of caribou or gazelle, and they show the wolves or lions or cheetahs or whatever stalking the slow, sick herd animals…and maybe the caribou is limping and bleating, but its herd-mates are like, “hey–you got sick. None of our business if you get eaten!”

I’ve got that feeling, and am not enjoying it very much. Being Wolf, I’m not accustomed to the feeling that other things with teeth are stalking me while I limp and puff along and try to keep up with everyone else…

Not cool.

And I guess that’s not how you’re supposed to be feeling in the month leading up to your wedding, but it’s really bloody hard to keep up with all the planning, especially when stupid stuff keeps happening to throw off all the things I’ve been so precariously balancing…

Here’s a little bit about all the things I’m currently trying to find time for.


Meh. Not busy until Captain America III, which is okay by me right now…makes other stuff a bit easier to focus on. The most interesting thing that happened was yesterday right as I was walking in. One of our crew had a mini-meltdown and started cursing at Thabet, and then completely blew off our new manager when she was asked to come to the office to discuss things… I get to have a sit-down with this employee tomorrow and talk about why this isn’t okay. Woo. >.<”

We decided that the solution to insubordination was pictures of awesome dogs. Because dogs make everyone happy. ^_^
It took me three tries to finally produce one that stood a chance of being hung on Der Führer’s refrigerator though. I was duly ashamed.

My best example of an awesome dog:
awesome dog

I feel like our new manager must be wondering if she made the right choice to join us. (Of course, we know she did–joining us is the only choice! 😀 )


As a segue between the last topic and wedding stuff…this is probably one of my favourite wedding-related questions so far –> “So, can I get you guys a Nazi-themed gift?”

Absolutely NOT. But I did have a good laugh at that…
I’m glad that some of my coworkers will be there. It’s great to have friends and relatives come out, but there’s a certain level of strangeness to our interactions because I don’t see them very often, whereas my immediate family and my officemates are the people I see most often. I think it will help me be more comfortable to have them around…as weird as that sounds. (Does that mean I work too much? Surely not… Probably it just shows how bad I am at socializing. Ugh.)

Mmm. There’s only a month left (yikes), and I still don’t know exactly what’s happening…this week we’re doing a meeting with the pastor and then making decorations. Next week we’re going to apply for our marriage license.
I think I have a lead on getting hair done…and I’m working on seating and figuring out a timeline/order of ceremony… *mimes headshot*

I hate being organized. Can’t someone else just do it? -_-”

Anyway, now we can move on to the thing that’s throwing off my balancing act the most.


I love my cat. Cats are great (although I still think dogs are better friends…). Vet bills are not so great though.

He got sick and wouldn’t eat or drink a few days ago, so my parents took him to the vet while I was still asleep, and discovered that his liver enzymes were really high and he was dehydrated from vomiting. So they checked him into the animal hospital, and he stayed for two days…and now I have to come up with somewhere around $1600 to pay my dad and my sister back.

As far as his health right now…once they got enough fluids back into him, the enzyme levels dropped down to a more normal level, so he’s doing okay and will get a check up in a few days to make sure…and I’m glad. I’m glad he’s good right now. And I’m glad my parents are a nurse and a paramedic, because at least they understand then what was wrong since I have no clue (they explained it to me, but I can’t remember…).

Fortunately, my tax return is supposed to be a decent amount and will cover most of it…but to pay the rest, I have to use the money I was supposed to give Jester for May rent…but there’s still somewhere between $4-500 that I don’t have. (Well, technically I don’t have my tax return yet either…it’s nice to spend money before you even get it, you know?)

Jester asked me if I’d ever consider doing a crowdfunding thing like Toni did with her kitty…and as much as I’d want to try it because I believe I am friends with good, generous people…I couldn’t. I couldn’t stand the risk of finding out that some of my good friends who I respect and have high opinions of might actually tell me that I should just put my cat to sleep and not keep taking the trouble with him.

Just thinking about someone saying that to me makes my Wolf self see fire. I can’t imagine how angry I’d be if it actually came to pass.

So…in the midst of moving and paying for a wedding (I estimate I have about $400 left in expenses that need taken care of for the latter), I also have to come up with this other money and I don’t know how I’m going to do that, which has caused my stress levels to sky-rocket overnight.

The best. -_-”


Finished re-reading Remarque’s The Road Back. And you know what? I really am glad I read that book, in spite of what the reviewers on Amazon would have had me think. I feel like you need to have already read All Quiet on The Western Front to get it…that’s so…but as far as characters and story, I felt like The Road Back was easier to follow and relate to. Literally the opposite of what half the reviews I looked at said.

I’ve been hesitant to add any more of his books to the list of things I’d like to read someday…but if after a second read I liked it more than I remember liking it the first read through, that seems to favour taking a chance with them, right? I think so.

Maybe they’d be ones to borrow from the library rather than buy outright, just in case…we’ll see, I suppose.

I’m going to try and slog through some Ben Jonson poetry and then start a brand-new book that I’m a little iffy about because I picked it up from a Buzzfeed recommendation. It feels icky to say so though…like, I feel disappointed with myself.
Still…it’s in keeping with the theme of my books that I’ve lined up for the next couple of months, so we’ll see.


Heh. This section I’m including for Jester. He says we’ve been going without music a lot when I drive places. To quote him: “How am I supposed to know what you’ve been listening to?!”

So. These are some of the songs I’ve been most recently enjoying.




I was a little disappointed with the mini-album Rome just released. Except for that song. I like that one…

Anyway. Cheers.