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I was afraid I would need to be more on guard against my reading, after that last one…but so far I’m halfway through The Sun Also Rises, and it hasn’t bothered me at all for a change.

I’m going to attribute that to my no longer having anyone in particular to despise. That’s all done. *feeling pleased* Although…I have checked once or twice, just to be sure… *guilt*

Well. Like I said last time, I’m going to try and not dwell on that. And instead focus on how furious I still am with my not having written one of my college papers on the last scene from this book. It’s hard to be socially paralysed and unable to tell your classmates and professor that you think they’re all wrong about a thing, and to be completely baffled as to why your professor failed to point out a thing that you’ve noticed every professor seems to enjoy pointing out in a narration… *sigh*

Oh well, yeah? Missed opportunity.

Mmm…so, I’m very tired now, but I still can’t go to sleep. I Have this stupid, dry-clean only comforter, which I hate to admit, but I have never actually dry-cleaned it…just stuffed it in the dryer and run it through on the highest heat setting from time to time…and I did that yesterday, but for whatever bizarre reason, it came out smelling like the dog’s bedding. Wth, right?

So I have it in the wash now, and I hope I’m not completely destroying it, since it’s a rather nice comforter…but I’m going to check on it in a few minutes. See if the wash is done and I can move it to the dryer for the next two hours or something stupid.

Clean bedding is far, far too much work. -_-“