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List of fashionable Victorian-era items currently in my possession:

– corset
– pocket watch
– lace gloves
– long cape
– fountain pen
– consumptive sounding cough

My cough was tolerable, but as of Monday it’s gotten a helluva lot worse. And I feel terrible, but I don’t really have the money to go to the doctor right now, so maybe it will get better on its own, yeah? :/

Cough suppressants–even the strong ones–aren’t living up to their claims, and the expectorant isn’t bringing up much of anything, so tomorrow I’ll try something with an antihistamine in it instead of codeine, and see if maybe it’s some freak allergy onset…

It’s awful. I don’t want to do anything. Not eat. Not read. Not listen to music. Definitely not go to work or see friends or go with Jester to the court house to secure a marriage license….although I did all of those things yesterday and today…

The only thing I have done between yesterday and today that I enjoyed even a little was sit on the couch with Jester and one of the dogs and do nothing.

I really need to get better by Monday so my mom doesn’t bully me into going to the doctor. And so I can see a friend. And so I can get some packing done and enjoy the last few days before Captain America comes out and starts our spring/summer season at the theatre…

*starts coughing uncontrollably*
*regrets sighing*
*publishes post and goes to lie down and be miserable*