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Fiance’s mom: Have you thought about what you’ll do for wedding favors?
Me: Idk. Probably little pieces of my soul cut into heart shapes… j/k. I was thinking about bubble bottles or something lame.

She didn’t text me back for a few hours after that. Perhaps I said the wrong thing? x_x”

*Thabet and I are talking about one of our company’s slightly dumber policies*
Thabet: That’s so dumb!
Me: I know.
Thabet: How can you stand it?!
Me: I don’t make the policies. I only uphold them.
Thabet: Still…!
Me: On the bright side, it’s one less decision I have to make. It’s already been made for me. Making decisions is awfully stressful.
Thabet: I guess that’s true.
Me: And who couldn’t use less stress in their lives? It’s so nice to not have to make tough decisions.
Thabet: Yeah, it is.
Me: *pause* Would you say that making choices is hard for most people?
Thabet: I suppose I’d say so. *nods* Yeah.
Me: It’s so hard to know what the right thing to do is. There’s a lot of information to consider. Most peasants aren’t cut out for it.
Thabet: Heh, peasants. *pause* That’s true though.
Me: So you tell your peasants to join the cause. Maybe they’ll even like it more than they liked being peasants, right?
Thabet: Maybe they would…
Me: So, because it’s less stressful to be told what to do and let someone else make all the difficult decisions, and because we know that most of us aren’t well-informed enough to make very good decisions, this is why fascism isn’t so bad.
Thabet: Woah, what?!
*I laugh*
Thabet: I didn’t think this was where the conversation was going.
Me: I thought you were getting suspicious. About the peasants.
Thabet: I thought it was a metaphor.

(And just because I never know what visitors to this blog are thinking, I want to be clear that this conversation is just me being a troll…I don’t actually think “fascism isn’t so bad”.)

In other news, I feel less death-like than I have the past few days. Woo.