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A conversation I never guessed I would be having–

Me: How many times must I say it–do NOT heil me in the lobby!
Thabet: Aw, come on!
Me: You disappoint me. Now shh.
Thabet: What?
Me: Hush. We’re being quiet now so you can reflect on what you did wrong.
*we count cash in silence*
Thabet: …I’ll be honest. You sound way more disappointed in your fake German accent. I actually feel like I did a bad thing.
Me: Shhhh, Comrade Thabet–we’re reflecting, remember? In silence.
Thabet: …I won’t do it again.

*sigh* What am I gonna do with this kid?

…we listened to a bunch of different march music blocks on youtube the last couple of closes we worked together. He seems to like the Soviet ones, but I haven’t found a lot to enjoy there…they’re too serious for me. I even agreed to listen to a block of American marches, but we didn’t make it through most of that one either.

Thabet: Oh, I thought you were doing paperwork still.
Me: I finished it. Also, I had to leave the office because Yankee Doodle came on and I got angry.
Thabet: *laughs* I forgot about that song!

Omg I haaaaate Yankee Doodle! *stops up ears*
And I don’t like Stars and Stripes Forever. Or Anchors Aweigh…I kind of like When Johnny Comes Marching Home, but that was the only one I recognized that I was like, you know, this song is pretty tolerable.
It didn’t appear in the block we were listening to, but I guess I’ve always kind of liked the To Arms in Dixie march…it probably wasn’t in that block because it’s a Confederate song. *considers* I always pick the bad ones, I guess. :/

Although I felt less bad when we listened to the instrumental tracks in the block of German marches that I like, and not even halfway through he was like, “but…wait…I know some of these songs!”

It’s nice to know that someone else finds them inexplicably familiar…and I know it’s not because of me, because as often as I’ve listened to them, I haven’t actually persuaded anyone else to listen to these songs with me until now…

(Psst…I forgot again that I put laundry in hours ago…I should be asleep already, but it isn’t done yet… ugh… Well, tomorrow I will write about something different and not related to work or nonsense. Like the wedding, which is in 13 days…)

…Imma close with another bad decision I made: chocolate covered espresso beans.