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Here is how my day went:

1. Jester called and we talked about moving…and we can’t move after all. He went to talk to the people at the apartment office again, and they finally decided maybe they should mention that they raised rent at the units they’ve refurbished, and we can’t afford it. I’m extremely displeased. Oh well, I guess.

2. The flowers arrived today. The ones for the bridesmaids are fine. But mine are not orange. No…they’re red. Which is what I spent all of February going back and forth with the lady about…about wanting the correct colour and making sure she had it… welp. I guess not. *throws hands up* Maybe I’ll use them anyway and make a point about how much I cannot be bothered to care anymore at this point.

3. I was late for a doctor’s appointment because they shut down the road literally as I was preparing to turn onto it…little guy was putting out little cones and waving us all the opposite direction. Ugh.

4. Doctor’s appointment was not pleasant.

5. I got another letter from those incompetent people at the hospital where Comrade Doctor treated me. They were reminding me to pay my bill, which I bloody have! I paid in February! Sooo…I called the woman from their attorney’s office and felt bad because I was using my mean voice to talk to her…I guess they sent the letter because they didn’t have a contact phone number for me and apparently they’re stupid and determined this was the best way to ensure that I called them. *facepalms with a brick* They’re going to figure it out. I told her they would. This isn’t my fuckup to sort out…it’s on them. *rage*

6. My cat got me to punch myself in the face.

So, yeah. Everything is awful.
And I suppose I would be feeling more ragey, but I feel too tired. Like, not sleepy-tired…more the mental kind of tired where one simply hasn’t got the energy to put into being angry. And Wolf-me is being sensible for once, and realizes that we aren’t going to get to rest or sleep in or anything much for the next ten days. So…mustn’t waste time on infernos of destructive feelings…instead must conserve all that fire…little, steady flames that can go for that long without consuming all things…

We’ll see how long that lasts.

(Also, who are you who keeps doing Google searches and ending up here? I see you, you know. I just don’t know what you’re looking for that’s bringing you here.)