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So, I’m getting married on Friday. Technically…that’s tomorrow. Yikes.

I don’t feel particularly nervous. Just one thing I’m anxious about, but otherwise…I’m good. I think. Maybe something dramatic will happen to change it all (say, breaking an ankle whilst hiking with K tomorrow?), but I doubt it.

I’ll be gone for a week and then moving into the apartment…so it’s unlikely that I’ll be posting again for the better part of the next month. After which I will be back with stories, I’m sure.

In the mean time, here are some things I have done recently:

A) Got to work the other day and started to go in the side door because I have a key…and then saw that this tiny old man with a walker was coming down the hall and wouldn’t be able to get the door open himself. So I held it for him and waited while he slowly made his way out…and was casting about for something to occupy myself while I waited…looked at cars in the parking lot…looked at posters in the hallway…looked at the tiny old man’s hat…and the flag on the front of his walker……and, suddenly horrified, I tried to put my Nazi mug out of sight. Because I had never before run into the little old WWII vet who comes to our theatre, even though my crew talks about him sometimes…

I don’t think he noticed, but man…the bottom item on my to-do list is to actually offend people with that. Especially nice old people.

B) I got to see my friend, K. Picked her up from the airport kind of late because her flight got diverted for a medical emergency, and then they booked her on a later one…blegh. Got her checked in at her hotel, then went to my house to collect Domino and take her for a walk. Except that K took it upon herself to walk Domino once we got to the park…I’m surprised at how anxious that made me, even though K’s grown up with dogs and, of our dogs, Domino is the most well-behaved for walking…it was fine, of course. I was just anxious because someone else was walking my dog. (Probably if I ever become a parent, nobody else is going to be allowed to hold that child. …Probably.)

We also went to a restaurant I’d only been to one other time, and which I should really have enjoyed but couldn’t because I was getting sick at the time… turns out Hofbräuhaus is pretty excellent when one isn’t sick. Mostly because nobody is willing to make potato pancakes or strudel for me, but I can get both of them there. *so happy*

Tomorrow we are going hiking, so that should be nice. Not raining and not too hot. I just need to be careful not to get sunburnt while we’re out. Because when one doesn’t have the friends (or personality) to have a bachelor/bachelorette party, this is the sort of thing one does instead…maybe I will try to get the rest of my people together for iced cream or something tomorrow evening…? *shrugs* Idk what kids like to do these days.

C) I need to know…has anyone ever had crème de violette? I like flower-tasting things, so I have been looking into gins (leaning toward a rose-based one) and flower-flavoured liquors, but while I know people who can describe different gins, I don’t know anyone who’s ever actually had the violet liquor. I’d like to get some and try my hand at creating a flower-drink…I just want to get an opinion from someone, first.

D) Oh, and my last post–it took me a while to remember why we were talking about Satan, but it was because of Friday the 13th. Thabet and I were speculating that Satan would try and throw us off because we’d be expecting all the bad things to happen…so he’d save them for the next day…That prediction turned out to be true, but since we opened, we both narrowly missed the awful stuff that happened at the theatre that evening.

It was nice to not have to deal with awful stuff for a change.

This is all for now. Got some laundry to put away, then I’ll read a few pages and go to bed. And then get married. Tomorrow.