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I meant to use today for cleaning and putting away my last few boxes of stuff from the move, but instead I was sleeping and then went out on errands…Jester and I watched Talladega Nights, which I wasn’t too keen on (whaaaat? movies where people laugh?), and which he seems to remember as being funnier the first time he saw it…then we went to the park and to get dinner.

We’ve had some impressive rain here off and on, and it was interesting to go down by the river and see the underbrush covered with mud and the tree branches filled with debris from the water being so high…

I did manage to finish most of the thank-you cards today though. I’ll put them in the mail tomorrow or Friday, I think.

Work isn’t that exciting right now, although we’re extremely busy for summer season. We did have an employee lock-in last night though, and split up into teams to hide in auditoriums and make cardboard barricades and shoot each other with foam darts.. It was a good time, although my team felt like it was a little unfair that they were dubbed “the Nazis” because of me. We did win 4 of six rounds though. Partly because Shirley (another manager) chose her team based on who she didn’t want to shoot and I chose my team based on…erm…winning.

Best moments of the night include:
a. Shirley running face-first into a wall.
b. When I shot a dart at Brandi (yet another manager) and the rest of the crew joined in until she started shooting back at us from behind a poster case.
c. Winning at hide-and-seek by hiding in plain sight. I attribute that win to my black uniform and uncanny ability to hold very still. (And our crew being oblivious.)
d. Finding partial gift cards and $10 under the theatre seats. And a little box of unopened candy. Woo. Practically Christmas.

Tomorrow is work again, and then Friday is visiting my family to celebrate my birthday (which is actually 5 July). Saturday I have to get up at the crack of dawn for work, so that’s awful…but maybe I will get some of that cleaning and unpacking done afterward, yeah?

For future posts, here are some things you have to look forward to:
– an attempt to record highlights about the wedding/honeymoon
– my car being hit in the apartment parking lot
– my attempt to discreetly display those medals
– I don’t know what else, but I’m sure something will happen that’s worth mentioning