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After all these absurd posts I’ve made, and all the work conversations I’ve documented, I’m finally ready to tell the truth–to reveal the real reason I have such a meh attitude toward the idea of America…

It’s because Independence Day is 4 July.

And my birthday is 5 July.

So I’m jealous, given that my birthday will always be overshadowed by ‘Murica’s birthday…

Me growing up: Wanna come to my party? There’s no school!
Everyone: Sorry. We’re all out of town to see family.

Me as an adult: Wanna have dinner together a few days before my birthday, just in case you all had plans that would prevent you from seeing me the day of?
Everyone else: Well, see…the fireworks displays are on the night you want to do dinner…
Me: …
Them: …
Me: Oh.

Yeah. It’s crap. My sister who is mean to me has managed to neither have to see me nor eat with me nor give me a gift…and it’s fine. Those things don’t matter, but still…I thought maybe a year would go by at least, before they started doing that sort of thing to me. I haven’t even been out of the house for two months!

Oh, and also, at the theatre Shirley is trying to be nice and do cards for people on their birthdays…and…well…I think I was accidentally asked to sign my own birthday card, which also depresses me a little. I mean, come on…at least try to remember who you’re getting signatures for, right? And maybe not ask them and then wait until after they’ve signed the card to realize what you’ve done… 😦


Oh well, I guess.
Today wasn’t so bad though, so I will try not to send myself to bed sad.

I did have to open, and I didn’t sleep well…but I commandeered Jester’s last energy drink, so I was kind of awake. And I didn’t have to make lunch because my mom sent me away with leftover food when I saw them yesterday. Didn’t have to think about breakfast, either, because Jester brought a pie home from his store. Mmm…pie…
None of the guests were stupid to me at work, and I got to go on an adventure to make an exchange with another one of our locations, so that was nice. It’s nice to be at work but to get to leave the building for an hour.

Left work and picked Jester up and went to dinner because I had a coupon for a free meal on my birthday. Of course I can’t let that go to waste.

Then I brought him home and went to the park and had a nice walk. Looked at plants and birds and things before it got dark out and I saw the reddest sunset I can remember ever laying eyes on. It would have brought a tear to the eye of Communist-Reeser.

And then, yay, I bought snacks because I was feeling sorry for myself about the birthday situation…got some marzipan sticks and a lavender soda that I actually enjoyed this time. Although I will need to learn how to pop the cap off without it sounding like a gunshot…

Now my biggest problem is how to stop itching.
I think I’m allergic to something, but I don’t know what. My skin keeps getting pink and dry and bumpy on my arms and neck, but that’s no big deal. The problem is the never-ending sensation of tiny pinpricks all over. Like, it seems to me that I’m being bitten up by tiny, invisible bugs. But…nothing there. And the itching doesn’t even always correspond with where the bumps and redness are.

Frustrating. So frustrating.

So now I’ll go take an antihistamine which will hopefully help with that and put me to sleep. Because I have been awake for a long time now. Like…21 hours.

Time for rest.
(Wolf me: But fascism never sleeps!)

Omg. *rolls eyes*