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Birthday was alright.

We didn’t have any money, really, because rent. And student loans. But my parents are pretty great, so they gave us some so we could still go out to the aquarium and look at fishes for three hours. Because yay, fishes! 😀

Also, seahorses and sea-dragons.
…I think I even prefer the sea-dragons. They’re interesting little dudes.

(Wolf me prances around, repeating all sing-songy that “fishes rhymes with vicious!” …I smack him.)

There was also this little showoffy penguin who, unlike his boring flock-mates, decided to hop in the water and splash around, and then demonstrate the claim on the little info-sign that the Gentoo Penguins are the fastest underwater swimmers…he went zooming back and forth and leaping out of the water, which was all pretty impressive…but then he zoomed a little too fast and banged into the artificial rock in the side of the water habitat. Poor little dude.

As much as a zoo animal can though, he seemed to be enjoying the attention….like when he was splashing around, he seemed to keep pausing and looking out the glass to see if everyone was still watching him. I’ve been wondering about that off and on since…like…they do a “penguin encounter” thing where you can (I think) watch them get fed and whatnot…I wonder if maybe this behavior is one he’s used to being rewarded for and that’s why he was doing it…? Idk. Still, it was nice to see a penguin enjoying being a penguin instead of just mooching around and looking bored like his friends.

I forgot there was a Hofbräuhaus in Cincinnati, so I was excited. 😀 😀 😀
I’m happy to have potato pancakes for dinner, thanks. ^_^
Too full for strudel though, but that’s alright. Next time…

We also walked around on the bridge that goes across the river and looked at interesting graffiti and stuff that people had written on all of their prohibited love-locks. One of the best ones proclaimed Emma + Food = ❤ 4 Life. Way to go, Emma.

Got a bag of taffy for the trip home (since the aquarium is, like, 2 hours away), and that was that. Been home now for a bit and done boring stuff like vacuum and put dishes away. Check for mail (which was alright, since my birthday gift to me arrived). I am pretty tired now though, and my ear is hurting me. It has been for a while, but I only today got an antibiotic for it. Hopefully that’ll help out the ear…but at the same time, it’s making me feel a bit sick now that I’ve taken my second dose of it. Blegh. 😦

That’s all I’ve got though.
Guess now is time for bed, and then work tomorrow (but where I don’t have to get up super-early, so that’s nice).

My next day off isn’t until next Monday though, so that’s kind of meh. :/
Ah well.

Sleep then, while I can.