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Omg. My facebook feed all day has been a constant stream of


The troll in me wants to post a note that all the nihilists out there must be getting confused because, tbh, nothingmatters…

I mean, it’s even Cthulhu’s campaign slogan this year–

Not that Lovecraft was a nihilist, exactly…but with the general notion of his and other weird tales being that humans as a whole don’t matter except to ourselves…….you get the idea, right?

I don’t know. I expect that those who noticed me posting such a thing would probably not be too thrilled by it. They’d tell me that saying something like that was trivializing the problems, or not supporting the right causes…or that they were going to pray for me.

I’m just one person though. And I have opinions, too. My own opinions.
If you wouldn’t want me telling you how to feel about an issue, you certainly have no authority to tell me how I should feel about everyone across the planet killing each other for such stupid reasons.

Not that I personally have a particular animosity towards any of these groups whose lives–as I’m told–matter. No. They should have their own lives that matter. But at the same time, the little, timid voice that lives inside my Wolf’s shadow can’t help but ask if our life matters. Does our life matter? Everyone wants his life to matter (well, except the nihilists, maybe) in some small way. But I’m not altogether sure that it does.

I feel so darkly about everything lately. And sometimes it’s hard to think that anyone’s life matters when you suspect maybe your own doesn’t.

I think…maybe it comes down to two things that I think about this whole mess of whose lives matter *most*.

On one hand…if you kill someone, you’ve said their life doesn’t matter, which makes all these different advocates seem hypocritical when so many of them are using murder to make their views heard. But that’s on an individual level.

On the other hand, you have the bigger picture of your society. If your society kills people, then yes, it’s true–it must be because the society is flawed and says to itself that those lives it didn’t protect don’t actually matter. So that’s where you have to admit that all lives need to start mattering to all people, because once you say that’s wrong for a society to choose to minimalise the importance of some lives, then it also becomes a problem for individuals. You can’t keep insisting that your life matters more unless you are willing to admit that everyone else’s life also matters.

Any maybe, just maybe every life sucks anyway, and nobody is ever really happy with their lot. Maybe that’s the big joke that nobody can see because they’re all focused on seeing how much they matter compared with their neighbors.

…I found more excellent nihilist memes though, thinking about this.

For a book to expound upon all the excellent nihilist memes, I recommend Thomas Ligotti’s The Conspiracy Against the Human Race. It’s deep and dark, like the eyes of that little rainbow leopard.

In other news:
I broke my phone case. And because I am a terrible person (see above paragraphs to confirm), I ordered this to replace it–

phone case

And a tshirt, which was my birthday gift to myself…

…I feel absolutely certain that I’ve made the reich choice.