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My parents and Jester’s parents have spoiled me as far as birthday gifts. Not only have I replaced my broken phone case (and received the anticipated scolding from Jester because I really did get the design I posted about recently, with the grammar eagle logo…), but I’m also on my way to having purchased my entire book wish-list.

That’s exciting.
Now I just need to restrain myself and not acquire any more books for the rest of the year.
A challenge, if ever I encountered one–there’s always so much stuff that looks interesting! (Is this how television-watchers feel when they log into a streaming service? How can they possibly watch all the interesting stuff available??)

I pre-ordered Dracula vs. Hitler, too. I told my work-buddy about it and we started talking about that whole Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies nonsense, and that ridiculous looking Dead Snow movie that Netflix is always trying to get me to watch…and we got really excited about the idea of this book, so I decided to order it and told him I’d loan it to him after I read it.

I was surprised to discover that he didn’t know who Vlad Tepes was. Or Elizabeth Bathory. But…there are times I have to pat Wolf-me and remind him that not everyone has done extensive reading or sat up watching shows about historical vampires and vampire myths. Fortunately, Wolf me is unembarrassed by our interests…
(To be fair, I was equally shocked when Jester didn’t know that Rarity was a My Little Pony character…but I don’t even watch that show.)

Backing up though, I am also excited because I got some new sets of command strips…those little adhesive doo-dads that one can remove from walls (and posters) without destroying them.
That means I can start transferring my posters from my parents’ house. Because I have missed Simba and Captain America and the Hogwarts castle and the Enterprise on it’s glowing background…and my sea-painting. It will be nice to have these familiar pictures back on the walls, even if I will no longer be basing whether I stayed up too late on when it is light enough for me to tell the red and blue rings apart on Cap’s shield.

Having the command strips will also force me to start unpacking those remaining boxes, because I have hanging things in them, too. Like my mirror, and the painting of the dismembered fish that Toni and I did.

…I should find a day I have off and see if she wants to go painting again. I didn’t give my paints to my sister when I moved, specifically so I’d have them if I ever found the motivation to ask her to go out with me again.

I could even try to find a better graveyard where hopefully there will be interesting stuff to look at and where she won’t remember being sad the last time we went out to one. Although I’m concerned that Pokémon Go is ruining the peace and quiet of places like public parks and graveyards…makes me wish we had year-round school where I live. (Actually, I wish for that a lot, now that I’m an adult.)

Now, of course, I’m looking up graveyards near where I live…
There are three really close by…two big ones and a little one…excellent.

Maybe I will see when she wants to get Jester’s old table from us, and she can bring her other friend and that will be a nice time. Going to a graveyard with friends and friends of friends. *pleased at the idea*

Now I just need to find the motivation to arrange it. And make plans to kidnap her if necessary so she can’t back out of it on me.

*pauses writing to spend half an hour looking for a song I heard on youtube the other day…*

And just like that, I think I’m done for now.