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Well, despite our corporate office making our jobs more difficult, today was an alright day at work. My best contribution probably being to raise moral among my officemates, via music. 😛

livetransform introduced this song to me, but I didn’t know there was a music video…we had a pretty excellent laugh. ^_^
And then another, better laugh because there was a 2015 video for this song, too, and man…it’s out of control. Fireworks and dancing castles. We couldn’t even.

I was a little sad though, because I stumbled upon a version of this song that actually is about communism and not just Russia in general (and vodka, of course), but I can’t find that one. Removed for copyright infringement? Not sure.

Ultimately though…I just wanted them to suffer. Because I got to work today and sat through the end of a conference call that my boss was on about the audit for our region. And Wolf-me…he just sits in the back of my mind and keeps turning up the volume on this song…it’s the sort of thing you share with others because you know it’ll get stuck in their heads.

Me: Can you not…?
Wolf: But this is a great song.
Me: How am I supposed to know what to do to prepare for the audit?
Wolf: *unconcerned* You already know your job. *humming*
Me: Yes…
Wolf: *sings* Moskau Moskau, wirf die Gläser an die Wand–
Me: Stop that.
Wolf: *louder* Russland ist ein schönes Land / Ho ho ho ho ho, HEY!

Meanwhile, in reality…

Me: *faceplants onto desk*
Mike: Yeah, this call is boring as hell.
Me: Oh, it sure is…

Well. At least I had a good time at work later on. And then came home and felt crappy. Because one mustn’t feel crappy at work…which they keep pushing at us…don’t bring your problems to work; don’t let your feelings get in the way of serving our guests; if you can’t smile and be cheerful, you probably don’t belong here…

*gets all stabby, just thinking about it*

It’s not fair.
We have to twist and bend and even lie down on the floor to submit to our guests’ whims and make sure we treat them with individual attention and enthusiasm…but heaven help us if  any of us ever has a bad day and want to be treated like people…

(That, of course, is why no lives matter. Because nobody can ever treat anyone else with kindness. Never. Not ever.)

…I think I’m just annoyed because six of our employees quit over the last few days, and one got fired today. So now I have to hire new people to replace them, and that’s hard. So nerve-wracking. I hate turning down candidates when I can tell they tried, but just didn’t quite make it…or when they’re kids who’ve never even been to an interview before and they’re all nervous and don’t know how to answer easy questions…I hate it.

So instead of drowning my crappy feelings about work (and about Jester scolding me when I came home) in actual vodka…just…you know…songs where it appears. *listens to it 100 more times*