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Well…that didn’t go quite like I’d anticipated, buuuuut having not posted about any of the things I was thinking about in my last post means I’ll still have ideas for a day when I am bored and am sitting around with a lot of extra time to kill (lol…so never, actually).

I haven’t really had much time for anything enjoyable lately…because we’re having a mass exodus of employees at Movie Funtimes USA, which means that for the last 2.5 weeks before school is back in session (which, incidentally, is the reason for all of our employees quitting…because of school), we haven’t had enough employees to cover all of the needed shifts.

That sucks for me because I write our crew schedule, and I spent a lot of time pleading and wheedling and bribing the supervisors and the other managers to work crew shifts. Just on my own, I worked three double shifts, but the worst one was this past Sunday.

I was at the theatre for just over 17 hours. And that was after a sleep of only 4 hours the night before. And to make it all even better, our popper broke down the night before, so we had no way to make our own popcorn and every manager and supervisor who was in that day had to make a trip down to another one of our locations to get popcorn from them and bring it back in giant bags…

By the end of the night, everything hurt and I was SO tired. It was probably the worst non-holiday shift I have ever worked at this theatre.
Although really the whole weekend was pretty crap, because 2 of our AC units broke down and also on Thursday night we had a midnight show of Suicide Squad that didn’t start and led to a long chain of nonsense that had us at the theatre until after 4am.

…we have this “Stars” system where our crew can earn a “star” for going above and beyond their normal duties–cleaning up poo or vomit, dealing with exceptionally angry guests, helping with other unusual circumstances, etc–and then they can trade stars for free concession items or, if they earn 50+ stars, they can request a gift card to the place of their choosing. Thabet and I gave stars to everyone who worked concession Saturday night and Sunday, and that resulted in the following conversation.

Thabet: So who are we giving stars to again?
Me: Everyone who was concession on Saturday night and Sunday.
Thabet: Dang, that’s a lot of stars.
Me: Oh, and give one to Kurt for locking the doors for us on Thursday.
Thabet: I feel like Oprah. *points* You get a star! *points* And you get a star! You all get a star!
Me: Oprah, huh?
Thabet: Yeah. You know, like how she gives away cars.
Me: Heh.
Thabet: What?
Me: I’m going to hell, that’s what.
Thabet: Why this time?
Me: Oh. Because Nazi Oprah. ‘You get a star! And you get a star! All the Jews get stars!’
Thabet: Oh my god, that’s terrible! *cracks up*
Me: Yep. *lays face down on paperwork* I’m the worst.
Thabet: Naw, you’re just tired.
Me: …do you think that if der Führer is amused, I can to earn extra sleep rations?
Thabet: Aww. I wouldn’t count on it.

On the other hand…some good news…
I went with my boss and another manager and GM from the theatre that was helping us out with popcorn, and we did a peer audit of a theatre in a different city…easiest day ever. No responsibility for floor operations, and half the day spent in the car anyway…but even this one trip has apparently helped my cred. with some of the other GMs in our market and with my boss’s boss, who has heretofore had a pretty low opinion of me.

Even though Mike is going out of his way to help me out here, that still didn’t stop him from bringing my fake theatre persona into the mix…I blame him for the portion of the car ride where the discussion turned to “origins of the swastika symbol”. Despite the above conversation, it wasn’t me this time. I swear. x_x”

Anyway…I’m gonna be gone again for a while. Waiting on my youngest sister to arrive so we can go out of town for a few days and I won’t have to think about popcorn at all.

And also…I found my earbuds while packing. And I am wearing my wrist spikes for the first time again in yeeeeeears. Woot.
*such excite!*