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So, I really like to read weird tales type stories. I may have mentioned that before (frequently).

I got a few short story collections for my birthday, back in July, and I just finished the second one…but after I closed the book and was thinking back on them, I realized that I don’t actually remember most of the stories. Not really. Bits of them, maybe, but there wasn’t any particular scene or image or idea that really stuck with me.

Perhaps I’m losing my sensitivity to this genre? (No way! I love thinking about this sort of stuff…)

Perhaps it’s this particular author? But…I doubt that, too. A few of his other stories are some of the most memorable ones I’ve read in this genre.

So…I’m not sure. Maybe I can attribute it to the general feeling of still not being settled. I don’t know when to do things anymore because my habits are all disrupted…can’t just sleep most of the day and spend half the night cleaning and reading and making meaningless posts here anymore…

Some noteworthy things I have done since the last post where I said I had things to say:
– Took myself on a trip to a state park I’ve never been to. It wasn’t awful, but I don’t think I’d go again because it’s far away. Still…I was annoyed because Jester wouldn’t ask for the day off because he wanted to get holiday pay (I get it…I do), and then my sister said at the last minute that she also couldn’t go…my theatre buddy really wanted to go with me, but obviously we aren’t allowed to hang out…I was mad at the other two though, so I told him that I hadn’t told anyone else that I was going to go on my own anyway, so if I didn’t come back, he should at least let them know where to search for a body.

– Got screamed at by an angry dad who wanted to fight me about our R rated movie policy. Because for some reason, I always get the angry dads who want to bust out the macho, threatening body language and think they need to be within three inches of my face to tell me that what they do at our theatre is none of my business…
Short excerpt from our conversation:

Angry Dad: What the hell is this? Who do you think you are, exactly? You think you’re the goddamned movie police or something?
Me: Yes. For this building sir, yes I am.

I didn’t mean to be sarcastic at him, but OMGGGGGG, he was horrible. I had to submit an incident report because he was causing such a scene…one of our employees was on the verge of calling the police when he finally decided to leave…it sucked.

On the other hand, after I filled out the report, I got an email-pat-on-the-back from our regional manager (the one who I still think dislikes me). Bah.
If that’s what I have to do to make myself look better…………..not worth it. Not at all.

I think it’s time for sleep now, but maybe I’ll be back Saturday night? Maybe I’ll even be coherent? Idk.