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Well…my mom still isn’t great.

She’s developed a cough, and they gave her a cough syrup. With sugar. When she hasn’t been eating because of the nausea from the pain. Sooo…her blood sugar spiked so dramatically that they almost had to give her insulin (which apparently pissed her off so much that she told my dad to leave the hospital and go home when he tried to approve the nurse giving it), and they switched her to perles instead…

Today her fever was gone and the blood sugar was normal, buuuuut…they discovered she was LEAKING SPINAL FLUID and may have been for a day or two, but they didn’t know because of the ice pack on her neck… *feels faint just typing about it*

So more staples, and MAYBE if everything is fine tomorrow, she might get to come home on Monday. Fingers crossed and all that, eh?

ANYWAY, let me tell you now about the things that strangers are doing to piss me off now.


Yesterday I was at the theatre, and I went through the back of our concession stand where some of our employees were resting a moment after running around and cleaning auditoriums. One of them yesterday was a high school student who was also our employee of the month not too long ago and who likes to try and persuade me to listen to Drake and Rihanna or to dab (none of that is ever happening…sry, kid!), and who also likes to ask for advice on how to flirt with this girl he likes and who practices his Japanese during shifts…

Well, apparently he was waiting for a theatre to empty, telling guests goodbye, thanking them for coming…and this one guy decided to be an asshole about it. Not for any of the reasons our guests are usually assholes to kids working at the theatre, but because this particular employee is Middle Eastern.

Marwan: Wanna know what a guest said to me today?
Me: What? *already knows it can’t be anything good*
Marwan: I told him to have a good night, and he looks at me and just says, “yeah, fuck off, Osama Bin Laden.”
Me: Oh?
Marwan: Yeah. Like…what the hell? *upset*
Me: *angry* Is that guest still here? Do you know…?
Marwan: No, I saw him leave.
Me: Okay.
*Marwan starts to walk away*
Me: Hey, wait. Come back.
Marwan: ?
Me: Look, if any of our guests ever say something like that to you again, please let me know so I can have a talk with them about it. Hopefully nobody does, but still…
Marwan: What if they’re scary?
Me: Tell me anyway. *thinking about how much our district manager would enjoy reading more incident reports from me -_-“*
Marwan: But wait, wait…what if he’s threatening me?
Me: Pffft. Then just discreetly hit your radio button so I can hear what’s going on.
Marwan: So you’re gonna go all Liam Neeson? *laughs* I don’t know who you are, but I will find you…
Me: Heck yeah I will. That’s why we like them to sign up for Movie Funtimes Discount Card. So I can find them more easily.
Marwan: Awesome! Best boss ever. *fist bump*
Me: I got you.

Ugh…I swear…despite all the time we spend making me into a fake fascist, I don’t find anything amusing about people being like that to my employees. I have no idea how a situation like that would play out if I confronted a guest about their racist comments, but it’s kind of like when our crew tell me about guests cussing them out…that’s not okay. I try really hard to make sure they know they can refuse service to people like that and that we (managers) can tell those sorts of people to leave and not come back…but I think most of the crew don’t believe that we really will.

I haven’t dealt with an abusive guest in a while…but I did threaten to call the police on a man who kept swearing at me and trying to intimidate me into letting his underage kids watch an R rated movie. He left when he realized I wasn’t kidding.

I’d do that again. (Wolf me is particularly keen on the idea.) I don’t want anyone who thinks it’s okay to curse a blue streak and be racist towards my employees to enjoy a movie in our building.

Today though, I was off work and people are still making me angry.
It’s part my fault because it was SUCH a nice day out, and I am not accustomed to having weekend days off. I forgot that anything enjoyable is swamped with people on Saturdays.

So there were a ton of people at the park, but most of them don’t get that far. It didn’t take too long for me to walk far enough away that it was nice and quiet again.

Until this family came up the path toward me.

A mom, the grandmother and two kids…and the boy had one of those giant sticks that kids pick up on trails so they can pretend to be adventurers or to just whack everything with as they walk along…except this kid saw me coming down the path, and what does he do? He stops and pretends to aim down the stick at me and then scream BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM! for the whole park to hear.

Yes, friends. Today, an eight year old was envisioning taking me out with a machine gun.

Fortunately his sister was a much better creature, so she kicked him in the butt and knocked him off balance while he was pretending to shoot me and was all, “ETHAN, YOU DON’T SHOOT PEOPLE!”

What a nice girl. The mother and grandmother said nothing, of course. Wolf me really wanted to call him a little shit and see how they liked that…and then we remembered that we generally don’t approve of cursing and also not in front of children…

Well, at least I’ve got things to be angry about so I can stop feeling sad.