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Well, I’m not sure what exactly I have to say today, so I guess I’ll just start typing and see where things go, eh?

There was a moderately exciting thing at work the other day, as Mike has our management team cleaning the booths out and throwing away all the old marketing stuff, leftover construction things from when the theatre was remodeled, and all the accumulated junk from the past several years…

Naturally, Thabet found a jug of hydrochloric acid. Because why not?
I stopped him from tossing it in the trash compactor, but I shouldn’t’ve stopped at that. I assumed (wrongly) that the facilities manager and our GM would dispose of it properly…and according to the internet, it didn’t look like it would be too difficult…buuuut you know me. I wanted to make sure it was something we should get rid of in the first place. Hence waiting for them to weigh in the next day.

So the next day comes around and I go in to the theatre to find that the mop room has a note warning everyone not to use it because they just told Thabet to dump it down the drain. *facepalm*

Not that I’ve been having a lot of success with chemicals, myself…I have a sort of moisturizer I got for my face, from a brand which I have never used before because it’s expensive af…but I thought maybe it might be worth my while and I finally ran out of my old product…

But I did something wrong…used too much? Scraped my face with the face towel and then unknowingly applied it to broken skin? Not sure. All I know is that the next day I washed my face and it hurt. And I couldn’t put anything at all on the area around my right eye because it stung so much. It was weirdly shiny looking, like a burn.

I had to stop using it for a while, but it hasn’t happened again, so I’m hoping it was just a one-time thing. Way too expensive for me to waste the whole rest of the bottle.

So…some other good news…
My mom finally got to come home from the hospital, after being there for almost 3 weeks. I went over to the house yesterday so I could look after the pets and be around if my mom needed anything while my dad went to his eye appointment and to run errands, but mostly she and all the pets just slept all day and I played games on my phone…

I’m not complaining though. I’m glad she’s not in the hospital anymore.

Mmm…I’m taking a mini-vacation right now, too. 5 days of not being at work…yesterday was taken up with getting up at the crack of dawn (545 am) to go pet-sit, after which I went to the bank. Went for a walk and then the evening was kind of taken up with Jester being violently ill. I had been sick the night before and all we can think is that it was this packet of noodle-soup that I had made for us the night I got sick…it’s the only thing which we’d both eaten, after all…

I’ve never had bad soup before, which makes me sad because I was looking forward to soup and hot tea and cocoa and things now that it’s getting cooler out… I’ve been put off the idea of soup for a while now though. :/

Today I did some serious sleeping in, which I have not done in what feels like forever. It’s hard to sleep in when one shares a room with an early-riser. *sigh*

Finally I got out of bed and went for groceries…came home and cleaned half of the apartment…gonna try and be motivated enough to do the rest tomorrow. Not like I’ll be able to go out and do anything, since it rained literally all last night and all day today, and is supposed to still be going up through tomorrow afternoon… *siiiiiiiigh*

Jester and I are still going to try and go to the pumpkin show with my sisters tomorrow evening though. Even in the rain. (I guess?) Because where else am I gonna see thousand-pound pumpkins for free? (Not to mention the pumpkin doughnuts, iced cream, and root beer that I am really looking forward to… 😀 )

Anyway, that’s tomorrow…then my dad’s birthday is Saturday, and I’m sure we’re doing something with the family…and Sunday? If it’s not raining, I’m going to go hiking. Found a trail I haven’t been on at the state park I like to go to…I’m just hoping that maybe it won’t be as crowded as the last time I went on a weekend day, because that was insane.

Been making progress in The Wake…I’m halfway done, so it’s safe to say I’ve got the hang of reading it, but I’m not sure that I’m enjoying it. I don’t like the main character, and the plot is moving really slowly for me to already be so far into the book. I’ll be sad if it doesn’t pick up and become something more as a story…I want to see that the author is telling a good tale and not just impressing people with his pseudo old-English writing. We’ll see.

After that is the 500+ page Dracula vs. Hitler… I wasn’t expecting such a long book. o.o
Still…fine…I’m looking forward to it. And maybe I’ll be disappointed, but I’ve read so many amazing books that I guess I’m easy to disappoint since every book can’t be amazing. But I hope it’ll at least be not crappy…that’ll be good enough, I think.

And then I’ve got G.R.R. Martin’s A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms, which I hope will inspire me to finish the 4th season of GoT so I can give them back to my employee…and after that, I’ll re-read the My Friend Flicka series because I finally have a copy of the last installment. *unreasonably excited for this 1940s western drama*

And then for a very long time after that, I’ll be reading most of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

*loves all the reading*

And also…the neo-folk music. I put a stop to that because I wasn’t too thrilled with the direction some of it was going…but I’ve been listening to a lot of neo-folk youtube playlists on the days when I write the crew schedule, and I find a lot of it is kind of…calming? I don’t know. But I feel like I could use more of that sort of thing. I just need to be really selective about which songs I am picking out, because I feel like already I have made some iffy selections. Wolf me and I don’t need more things to disagree about, really.

Like a thing that Wolf me did recently that later we realized was maybe not a great decision, but it was already done, so Wolf me is doing what he usually does, and trying to just be nonchalant about it because nobody will know unless we say something about it. So as long as we don’t say anything, it’ll be fine. (Until it isn’t because someone catches on…Wolf me doesn’t worry enough about running into other nerds, I think. But this is a pretty specific thing to be nerdy about, so he thinks it’s reasonable to feel safe. Maybe so…but still…)

It’s hard to just be one’s self and be enthusiastic about the things one is enthusiastic about. So, so hard.

(Solution: next time, listen to fourth-grade me, who knew this was a thing that would cause trouble for us.)

Anyway, I’m gonna go eat carrots (loudly) and maybe finish up season 3 of American Horror Story. And then maybe go to bed. Or not. Idk.