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The pumpkin show was a pretty alright time after all. All we really did was eat fair food and look at things, but that’s fine. I mean, I have pumpkin doughnuts enough to last me for a few days now, so I’ll say that was a successful trip to the pumpkin show. And also I didn’t get sick from fair food until, like, 330am…so I guess that was nice. The not feeling awful right away bit… not that I wolfed down tons of fried food…but I did eat a whole giant brat and also have two deep fried pastries. Too much.

I need to get better at this moderation thing…
It’s just hard because I want to participate in this wide world of deep fried things, and I can’t -_-

Which, of course, makes me “un-American”. *sigh*

Dad’s birthday turned out okay, despite my youngest sister being really grumpy and mean when I arrived at the house today (it’s how I can be sure she’s my sister, I guess). I think I’ll take that over the bizarre conversation my dad and sisters started on about the whole “black lives matter” movement, and whether white people are inherently racist…and my youngest sister asking me if I consider myself a white nationalist.

Wait–what?? No! Why would you think that??? x_x”
(I know, I know…it’s my fault for the whole fake-Nazi thing…)
Pretty sure she was kidding, but…yikes. What a thing to ask. And immediately follow up with a question about this Black Sun that my Wolf was so confident nobody would even notice.

She decided it looked like a cult symbol in the end, and started an elaborate story about me being in some bizarre mashup of a Satanist group and something that sounded a hella lot like the KKK. *facepalms*

In conclusion: conversations with my family have gotten even more “wth?” than they were when I lived with them.

Now it’s just about time for bed so I can get up before dawn and go hiking and see some fall colours before they’re gone and it gets all wintery and sad looking outside…and then I’ll carve my pumpkin tomorrow and toast up some seeds for Jester and myself. Yay.

And then back to work, where I’m sure they’ll have missed me. Or maybe I just hope they did.

…I think I must be too invested in that job because I think of them from time to time when I’m gone…wonder how things are going and all that. Hope nobody’s effed up something I was working on, etc.