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Today I went hiking on a trail I’ve never been to. It was pretty great…2.5 miles or so around a gorge with some really nice views (I am not very good at pictures with my camera phone though), and only moderately strenuous uphill portions, imo.

On the downside, there were a LOT of of warnings at the parking lot about staying on the trail lest ye be severely injured or worse, and it was pretty obvious as to why once I got started. The trail was really narrow in places, with a sheer drop on one side and a bottom that you can’t see because of the think trees…and a place or two where one must step across a gap between stones in the trail…

My internal dialogue was basically this–

Wolf: Wow. They weren’t kidding. We could actually die.
Me: That’s ridiculous.
Wolf: No it isn’t. I know we’re careful and all, but…
Me: Don’t.
Wolf: …
Me: …
*slides slightly on a muddy patch*
Wolf: We could have fallen. We could be dead now.
Me: Stop that.
Wolf: Just sayin.
Me: …
Wolf: …
*stubs toe on tree root*
Wolf: Or now.
Me: What did I JUST say?
Wolf: …
Me: …
Wolf: …just imagine the feeling of pitching headfirst over the cli–
Wolf: Because tree roots.

Yeeeah. Wolf me needs to not do that. Although I think the worst part of his thinking this way is that it’s not an anxious thinking…it’s more…a detached curiosity, and that makes me anxious. Wtf is wrong with me that I would think that sort of thing all the time? (One of the less talked about symptoms of obsessive compulsion, I guess. I think like that about driving sometimes, too.)

I swear it was a nice hike otherwise.

Except for another part where I almost died from embarrassment.
An older couple and I both stepped aside at the same time to let each other pass on a narrow place, and they insisted I go first. So I do, and the woman says, “Don’t worry. We’ll probably just ask for money for you to pass.”

My response? “Oh, well…you guys don’t even look like trolls!”


Wolf me: You just called nice old people trolls.
Me: I’m sorry!
Wolf: Trrrrrrolls!
Me: I had the dumb! 😦
Wolf: Maybe we could just throw ourself off the cliff on purpose.
Me: I’m already dead. -_-”

Welp. Now I go to watch the last episode in AHS and also to go to bed since I’ve been awake since slightly after 5 am.