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Welp. I still haven’t unpacked three boxes from when I moved.

This isn’t a tragedy, but…I am pretty sure my bag of tea is in one of those boxes. And also the flash drive with some of my things on it that I never transferred over to my computer.

Like my reading list for 2015-2016.

I finished The Wake today, and was thinking about it and reflecting that it wasn’t one of the better ones I’d read recently….and then I realized I never made that post about the books I’d read this past year, and it’s because the first half of the list was on that flash drive. Whoops.

My next day that I don’t work is this next Thursday, so I guess I will need to make it a priority to unpack one of the boxes. Not all of them, maybe. But at least one.

In other news, I finished the first four seasons of American Horror Story. So far I’ve liked Asylum and Freak Show best, and Coven least…I may start the last season this week. Not sure though because we’re getting into real holiday season madness at work, what with Fantastic Beasts opening next weekend, and then Thanksgiving and Black Friday the following week. *shudders*

I will be exhausted, I’m sure. Maybe too much to stay up extra late and watch Netflix, eh?

Buuuut…I worked a fourteen and a seventeen hour day this past Saturday and Sunday, so I can still do it if I must. The staying awake forever thing. I was pretty wretched on Monday, I admit…but that was more from having to teach a class and speak for five hours straight with a sore on my lip where I’d bitten it, and less from the lack of sleep.

Oh, holidays…

Not excited.

Probably because I am a special snowflake who thinks they deserve holidays off. (ugh, so entitled!)

I unfriended that person. I felt bad about it, but I can’t tolerate that any more. Especially not from someone who I should think of as a friend. Friends aren’t mean-spirited like that, and I think that was true back in the “good old days” just like it is now. I think it’s something previous generations couldn’t say we just made up.

Oh well, I guess.

This special snowflake is going to rest up now, while it’s still possible to do so.