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Well…today we learned that our boss is quitting. His last day will be the 29th, and then (hopefully) he’ll be on to bigger, better things.

We don’t know yet–and might not know until the weekend before his last day–who is taking over for him, which is terrifying…there are two people he thinks it could be, but tbh…it could be anyone.

Thabet: What if they don’t replace you before the 29th?
Mike: I dunno then. I mean, they still haven’t replaced the GM at [Another Location].
Thabet: They’d just let us run without a GM? But–who’s in charge?
Me: Nobody? Nobody’s in charge?!
Thabet: Yeah! Anarchy! *tries to fist-bump me*
Me: Oh, woah. Nope. As a fascist, you know I can’t get on board with that.
Mike: That’s right. There needs to be a single authority figure, making all the decisions…

It’s occurred to us that one of the biggest possible downsides is going to be if our new boss is not amused by Thabet and I making Nazism a cornerstone of our office conversations…what else will we talk about when talking about actual work is getting to be too aggravating? D:

Still…we are pretty sad about it. Mike has his shortcomings, but he’s not a bad boss. Plus, he decided to take a chance and promote me even though I KNOW at my old theatre they thought I wouldn’t be any good as a manager because I’m not “extroverted enough”. I appreciate that.

…I’m gonna have a rough last few weeks of the year regardless of who they put in charge of us. Hiring has not gone as well as I would’ve hoped, and a few of our crew quit while we were trying to raise staff numbers…so right now, we really aren’t any better off than when we started holiday hiring.

It’s a bad situation.

Of course, I already talked to the supervisors and managers, and they’re all willing to work extra…I just don’t want to push them too hard because I know we’ll have a lot going on transitioning to a new GM who may have completely different expectations of us.

I had been resigned to the idea that I could just work all the shifts that I couldn’t find someone to fill…but now I don’t know if our new boss will even allow that. Because it’s not an ideal situation…but technically our policies say I can do that if we need coverage. Because basic day-to-day operations are the priority. *thinks*

Ugh. Ruining all my plans.

In other news…yesterday, I was listening to something on YouTube while I did paperwork, and I made the mistake of leaving it on autoplay.

This means I got treated to a neofolk cover of Barbie Girl. Which can never be un-heard. x_x”