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Welp. This schedule was terrible. I was getting anxious just writing it and nothing has even happened yet.

Also, this was a thing.

Me: Ugh! *incoherent noises*bangs the clipboard down on the counter*
Brandi: What’s up?
Thabet: Yeah, who was that you were talking to?
Me: That teacher that keeps coming around and checking up on Nick.
Brandi: Ohh…what did she want?
Me: to tell me she’s not telling me what to do, but to not schedule him all weekend.
Thabet: I wondered why you were talking so loud.
Me: Because I was using my best try-to-sound-professional-but-also-tell-you-to-eff-off voice.
Thabet: Gotcha.
Me: …and also distract from the fact that I wasn’t wearing my uniform and my shirt is covered in unicorns.
Brandi: *laughs*
Me: I felt foolish.
Brandi: I never would have thought of that.
Thabet: Tsk-tsk.
Me: I know. *puts head down* Der Führer would be so disappointed with me.
Thabet: Yeah, we have an image to uphold, you know.
Me: You’re right. I should be punished. *hopeful* Do you suppose I could be shot before the holidays?
Thabet: No, you gotta work and suffer with the rest of us.
Me: *gag noises*

Oh well.
I had Saturday off, but I’ve given that up so we can have enough ushers in the morning. I think right now that four of us are working 6 days next week, and two more are working at least one double.

Some of our “part time” crew are scheduled for almost 50 hours, too…

*feels anxiety setting in again*

Well. At least someone is coming to the theatre to see me tomorrow…I might not actually get to see her because I have that stupid class to teach (alright, alright…it’s not stupid…it’s just tedious and I hate it), but I talked to her on Facebook and am giving her a book that I don’t think I’ll read again…I feel kind of good about the little conversation we had, so maybe I will try to make a friend again?

Is it weird to make friends with someone that much younger than you? *anxiety again* I don’t know…I just want a friend who isn’t someone I work with and whom I didn’t allow terrible things to happen to and who isn’t hundreds of miles away from me. And with whom I actually have shared interests… *wrings hands*

I’m not asking for a lot, right? 😦


But–I was trying to look on the bright side, wasn’t I?
So, Hannah is coming to the theatre to see me and maybe I will convince her it wouldn’t be weird to hang out–UGH…I’m too weird to have friends! That’s been it all along! *breaks down*–

*pulls it together again*

Just kidding. I’m good. I’m great. Who wouldn’t want to be my friend? *forges on to a new sentence*

And then Thursday, Jester and I and maybe my sister and her boyfriend, are going to the zoo to see their lights display. Maybe I’ll go walking again in the early part of the day? Idk.
And then on Friday I do have to get up early and work…but a thing has also happened where I’m going to try and surprise Jester…hopefully things go well with that.

And then the rest of the week is where it just rolls straight downhill. And it’ll keep rolling on down into the next week.

I need to sleep.
I need to sleep and not get myself all agitated. I woke up last night after just 3 hours and I never fully fell asleep again after that because I just kept going over things again and again and again and even after I’d already done it…

(Wolf me chimes in–I won’t take that anxiety medication. I won’t. I refuse.)