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I want a refund for this day in November.

It was too bloody hot out today. I went to the park and, too late, realized
A) I don’t need my jacket.
B) it’s too hot for long sleeves
C) it’s too hot for boots
D) no leaves on trees = no shade
E) sunburn is a distinct possibility
F) mosquitoes

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As you can see, the sun takes up the whole sky.

On the upside though, there was a group there from an educational program called Ironwood Wolves, and they had one of their ambassador wolves there, doing a photo shoot. So yeah…I seen a real live wolf in the woods today. Eee! ^_^

(*Not this wolf…he is just here to depict my feelings on the matter.)

I was reading their web page later, and discovered that they do meet and greets with their animals…I know what I want to do for my birthday now. *such excite!*

Also…our zoo does a big-time winter lights display, and today was their zoo-members only night, so Jester and I went to that, too. It was weird to go and it not be cold out, but at least it was a pleasant temperature instead of blazingly hot like in the afternoon.

And now…time to get ready for bed. I have to be at the theatre at 830am, ready for a day of Fantastic Beasts madness. x_x