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Alright! Here’s my plan for the next few days…

Wake up at 530. Get to work sometime around 8-830. Hate on the people who feel like they need to see a movie on the holidays until about 5pm. Then change and drive to Jester’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving and hope they didn’t just start without me like they kept saying they would last year. Eventually go to bed.

Work from 9am straight through to sometime between 2-3am. Hate on the masses in between those times. Maybe bust the chops of anyone who wants to make my employees cry this year.

Get up and go back to work at 9am again. Only work until 11pm. Possibly feel an uncharacteristic fondness for American football because maybe we will be a little bit less busy for part of the day because of a certain college game.

Again…work straight from 9am to between 1-2am. Be glad I thought ahead and bought energy drink.

Being unendingly grateful that I don’t have to work, but going to the theatre anyway for my boss’s going away party. Hopefully I will not forget the little message I was thinking out earlier to put in his card. It has all the best Nazi puns I could cram into a goodbye message. (Like…four. That’s a lot though, I feel.)

Write the crew schedule. Consider various ways of bribing and blackmailing more people into working the weekends because I am never ever ever doing three all-day shifts again.

Wednesdeay and Thursday:
Idk. Probably sleep. I’ll just sleep for two days straight.