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Yay. December music countdown.

I am already late on this one, of course…but that just means that tomorrow I must try to post before midnight, eh?

I had a song from Unheilig on my playlist last year, but I’m a little undecided on the band. Probably because of very limited exposure? Idk.

I like them, I suppose, since earlier this year I gave thumbs-ups to every Unheilig track that played in my Pandora stations. And then I decided to just go ahead and download the music…and then got sad because Puppenspiel is the only album available through iTunes USA. So I haven’t really had the opportunity to listen to any of their other music. And I know I could maybe find it on a streaming service or through some other download site…buuuut…I’m also really lazy, so I haven’t looked.

Again: being conflicted.

I’m not really sure that I even like this band’s style of music…some of the songs–like this one–are a bit more pop sounding than most of the things I usually like. Maybe it’s just that I like his voice? That could be it. But they have songs also that fit in nicely with the Goth styles, too, so maybe it’s some of both.

This particular song got into my playlist because I am not good at expressing myself, and this is problematic when one is trying to put together a wedding playlist. This was one of the closest songs I could find to express how Wolf me felt about getting married…it wouldn’t seem like it, I know, as it’s not actually a love-type song…but it is about finding a feeling of home and finding assurance of yourself in someone else, and despite the abstraction of those ideas, they’re some of the ones that Wolf-me feels are most important. Not to mention difficult to reach.

So…this was the only song out of the ones I picked that I was a little emotionally invested in. Just as well that it was in German, so that nobody else would know that I had contributed a serious song. 😛

The rest of the songs I contributed to our wedding playlist, for comparison:
1. Always by Erasure (you know…the song playing in Robot Unicorn Attack)
2. Beautiful Love by The Afters (some of the songs I picked were because they’d be familiar to him as well, since we both listened to a lot of Christian rock in our teens)
3. I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles (this one just makes me lol)
4. Earth Angel by Bella Morte (there were a few wedding guests who were baffled by there being a Goth cover of that song)
5. Tonight by Ace Troubleshooter (see the note on #2)
6. Lovesong by Voltaire (I could’ve gone with the original from The Cure, but Jester and I met in person first at a Voltaire concert, so this one was the obvious choice)

And then there was also a fast, springy version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D…because I have a love/hate feeling towards that song…I think the usual tempo makes it one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard…and it’s beautiful, no doubt…but I had to take precautions against getting weepy, so I picked a fast one.

Also…using my audio editing skills to cut out the most cinematic portion of The Great Gate of Kiev. My mom meant it as a joke, but I found a recording by the Berliner Orchestra that I liked, and so we used that…it was like the end credits music at a movie–very “show’s over everyone!” I liked it.

But yeah, I have listened to this song a lot this year and felt a little bad that I went to such lengths to try and hide my having feelings at my own wedding…but this is who I am and I’m not sorry. And I am fortunate, I suppose, to have found a person who at least tries to understand Wolf-me, even if I am not the best creature in the world.

And I am fortunate to have found music to convey what I am trying to mean, even if that means we must step outside of the English language.

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