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Whew…I am trying hard to post these on the correct date, which won’t happen if I wait until after work is over, since that’ll be after midnight…

29 is The Secret Sons of Europe, by Rome.

I still really like the flamenco touches in this song, which I mentioned in my most-listened-to posts from last year (last year it was #5), so that is probably the main reason this one is making another appearance.

It’s a little disappointing that a whole year later I still haven’t been able to answer my question about the Spanish singing that comes in towards the end…knowing Rome’s style better now, I feel like it has to be a vintage recording that was added into the song…but I still haven’t been able to figure out what the recording is, despite periodic digging through the internet for music from the Spanish Civil War.

Maybe I’m looking for the wrong thing? Not sure. I even bought a physical copy of the CD in hopes that there would be credit attributed to the songs they used…nope.

Just think…if I had been able to find it, maybe my music library would be peppered with vintage anarchist recordings instead of fascist ones. 😛

Time for work now.

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