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Number Thirty.

It occurred to me that maybe I should put in the titles/band names…? Idk. It seemed like a sensible idea.

The Ballad of The Red Flame Lilly by Rome

This song came from the album A Passage to Rhodesia, and I really didn’t like the album when it came out back in 2014…kind of a case where I had really started to like Rome as a band, rather than just a song here and there…and then I was just super disappointed when this album came out and I didn’t like it. I didn’t even finish listening to the whole thing.

Buuut…after combing through Rome’s backlog of music and deciding that it was alright if I didn’t like some of it, I came back and gave this one another chance and a few of the tracks grew on me. This one I think I liked because it sounds so different from a lot of the Rome songs that I like a lot (a biased opinion, I’m sure, since Jester has said they all sound the same).

The bit I like most in this one is the harmony part in the chorus…I know people are always expressing disdain for artists who layer vocals because it’s not a thing that can be reproduced live…but in the right context it’s interesting to listen to, and this is an instance where I like the effect it had enough to forgive it.

It makes the song a little tough to sing along with though because I can’t figure out what pitch to try and match…but that’a a personal problem. (Yeaaaah…because when I am driving, I do sing along with almost all the songs I have on these most-listened-to playlists. How embarrassing for me.)

I’m also ashamed at my significantly lacking history knowledge when I listen to this song…back when I was trying to determine if I liked this album or not, I read a lot of web pages about the significance of the Flame Lily as Zimbabwe’s national flower…and about the Bush War and the transition of Rhodesia to Southern Rhodesia and then to Zimbabwe…all kinds of other things…TL;DR–white people meddling where they aren’t wanted.

In reading all that, this weird memory surfaced of a poem someone read to us at the summer camp program we used to go to at the zoo here…I am pretty sure the poem was about the Flame Lily, and specifically how it was a symbol relating to the rebels in the Bush War…but I haven’t been able to find the poem anywhere so far (which is what happens when you can’t remember a full line from something, but would know it if you saw it).

I think they read us this poem because we were talking something about how ecology goes by the wayside in times of conflict, and how animals and plants go extinct or become endangered because of wars. It was an interesting class, and I don’t think the ecology of war is something that’s ever come up in anything I’ve done since for school or otherwise.

But as far as this song goes…I decided I liked it, of course. It’s got good harmonies and some good imagery that can be appreciated regardless of whether one understands the history being referenced.

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