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28 is Geweihtes Land by Leger des Heils

Why is this a thing? Mmm…because I started leaving to youtube on autoplay while I wrote the crew schedule.

Pandora doesn’t have any content by Rome, so when I would get bored with Pandora, I’d switch over to youtube, and depending on what video I started with, the autoplay would either keep playing through music that was actually by Rome, or it would start wandering off into videos with music from other neo-folk bands.

There’s a fair bit of neo-folk that is teeeeerrrrible and makes me want to pull my hair out…but I did also find music I liked. Along with Darkwood and Forseti, Leger des Heils was one of the better ones.

The biggest thing I don’t like about this song is the cello (I think it’s a cello?) that opens the song. I think it sounds too much like it’s not a real stringed instrument…too electronic? Fabricated? Idk. It just sounds off up until about 1:07 when the guitar and other instruments finally get going.

Once one gets past that though, it’s a nice song. I feel like there’s an earnestness in it that is something I like to hear in a lot of things I listen to…

Which brings me to the other bit about this song that I’m iffy about.
I’ve done a thing which I always tell people not to do online if they don’t want to be upset, and I’ve been reading comments on a lot of the song videos for a lot of the music from Rome and also from these other neo-folk artists that I’m kind of interested in…and ye gods…the internet is brimming over with horrible people. (Which you already know, of course.) The number of neo-folk songs that have internet trolls debating the merits of Hitler, and the number of people I’ve seen taking them seriously and then going off about how this whole genre of music is terrible because the only people who like it are neo-Nazis…it makes my head hurt.

Because of course this is also the sort of direction things go when I have conversations about neo-folk with people in person–

Thabet: Neo-folk just sounds like something a Nazi would like.
Me: You only think that because the phrase “neo-Nazi” is the only other time you hear that word. Or when you watch The Matrix.
Thabet: I think you’re trying to throw me off.
Me: You know I’m not a Nazi. That the whole thing is fake. For comedic effect.
Thabet: Mmm…
Me: Oh, come on.
Thabet: Jokes don’t usually last two years.
Me: Ouch. *pause* Okay. That’s fair.

So yeah. That this genre is a magnet for trolls isn’t really helping my case. But Wolf-me reminds us that we did this to ourself, which is kind of true…… Boo.
(Here is where I blurt out that I also started listening to music from a band called Nachtmahr and that it was an accident and omg I didn’t know what I was doing…! *Wolf me is ashamed at this outburst*)

Still, the lyrical content of this song might be different in the context of the album as a whole (which I haven’t listened to all the way through), but it’s got vaguely patriotic undertones, and given all the people trolling on folk music, I don’t know if I should look on that as a bad thing or not… such uncertain…very doubt…

I still like the song though. Because, you know…working on my goal of not being needlessly embarrassed about of things I enjoy. And I feel like if I can not be ashamed of being Goth just because some people have bad assumptions as to what that means…then neo-folk should be easy. Right? (Eh…)

On the bright side…it turns out that the girl I mentioned trying to make friends with also likes neo-folk, so I’m kind of excited about that. It would be nice to have a friend who shares such an obscure interest. Plus, maybe she can point out other good music and I can stop letting youtube introduce me to random stuff. Squee. As soon as the holidays are over I feel like I need to stop being paranoid and socially awkward and try to find a time to hang out with her. And also to see Toni…

And now that I’m getting away from musics, it’s also time to end this post.

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