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27 is Seven Lives by In Strict Confidence

I forget how I came across this track, but I am a little surprised that I did, because I’d kind of decided I didn’t like In Strict Confidence very much…and I still don’t really like them, but every now and then I hear a song by them that I get stuck on.

I apologise that it’s the 7 minute one and not the single, which is about half as long…but I tend to like longer songs, and as far as I can tell that predisposition isn’t going away any time soon.

This one is also about a juggernaut-like character with multiple lives…so a great song for all those days at the theatre where I am pretending to never need to sleep and that if I don’t sleep, it doesn’t matter because I also cannot die. 😛

And here is where I stop talking about music and unload all my frustrations about work

Theatre rant below:

This weekend sucked…a projector bulb needed changed in the middle of Saturday afternoon, and then in the evening that same day, our CO2 tank ran empty because our crew keep doing stupid stuff…and then credit card systems went down and our IT people gave me a BS explanation of “well, sometimes the system shuts down for 5 minutes to reset…” Lies! I’ve worked for the company for 6 years now and that’s the first time I’ve ever heard such nonsense.
And then today we had a bad health inspection in the afternoon, and first thing in the morning, a woman who said she had a “pounding headache” came banging on a booth door when I didn’t turn the volume down for her movie fast enough–she wanted to know if I even knew how to turn the volume down. OMG! Maybe don’t go see a movie if you have a migrane?! *…rage!*
I ended up having to call the IT department about that sound rack, too, because I turned it all the way down to -15 before there was any change in volume…usually it’s set at -2.5 or -3, and one is only supposed to move it by .5-1.5 volume places in either direction…clearly it’s not functioning correctly.

AND we got a patronizing email from corporate because they don’t like the attitudes of the crew-level employees across the company based on an employee survey…and so their attitude about the crew complaints seems to be that it’s the fault of the management teams. OMGEEEEEEE.

And of course our old boss was being a butt and texting me today because he was bored at the orientation for his new job. Which was kind of amusing…he seems to feel bad but also be really entertained by all the chaos he is no longer a part of.

Anyway…I have some things to go do now…find my food safety certification, and also proofread my youngest sister’s term paper (grammar Nazi to the rescue!). And also dishes because apparently I eat a lot of food. :/

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