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26 is that fun song about Moskau, by Dschinghis Khan.

For the first time, a song appears on this playlist which was recommended to me by another WordPress blogger. 😀

I am glad I went back to find it and share with Brandi and Thabet…we were crying from laughing so hard at the over-the-top ridiculousness of some of this band’s videos. I will remember that fondly for some time, I’m sure. 😛

In other news: I feel pretty wretched.

I started out alright yesterday, and as it got towards evening, my sense of things being “pretty alright” dissolved into this intense self-hate…and all the rage that Wolf-me usually saves for everyone else is turned inward. So I feel crappy. And knowing someone hates me as much as I do makes me feel hurt, so I am short-tempered and just want to be left alone…but one can’t be left alone when one is at work or when one lives in close quarters…it’s frustrating. If everyone would go away, maybe I could work tings out with myself, eh?

And I don’t even know why I feel this way. There’s literally no reason for it whatsoever. I just hate myself and hope I suffer. So, naturally, I am suffering. So at least I got what I was wanting…right? It’s all very confusing and I wish it would stop.


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