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25 is My Saviour, by Blutengel.

Dunno. I think this one ended up on my playlist this year because it’s a song that is easy for me to sing along with. *shrug*

No particular attachment to it this time around, nor an interesting story as to how I came across it…just boring old singing in the car stuff to keep my mind off of how intolerable other drivers are.

Idk…I wasn’t much of a fan of the opening of this song…and I’m still not, I think. But I suppose the rest of it’s grown on me enough that I’ve forgiven it that little part that I don’t like.

In other news:
I had a pretty terrible day, which I wasted most of by feeling sorry for myself (in the spirit of this song, oddly enough), and eventually I went out and had a drive and visited my family. During said visit, Grim and Sirius had a spat and my dad ended up with a dog bite on his hand…so everyone else kind of ended up being upset, too. Boo.

Then Grim kept growling at Domino and I told her that if she bit Domino, I’d bite her…I know she doesn’t understand the words, but animal behaviorists always say that dogs understand tone and body language…
Either way, I hope Grim will not be trying to bite anyone else soon. :/

My dad tried to cheer everyone up by finding a Christmas movie to watch, buuuut the best part about that ended up being when he was clicking through the TV guide and my youngest sister is like, “wait! Go back down two channels!”
*Dad clicks back down two channels*
K: Pope vs. Hitler! Come on, dad!
Mom: We are not watching that!
*Katelyn and I bust up laughing*

I cleaned a bunch of stuff when I got home, too, and now I feel marginally better. Except for the part where I was using a disinfectant that has bleach in it. I didn’t use gloves, so I think it may also be dissolving my skin. Woo.

Cheers for now.

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