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24 is the symphonic version of Krieger by Blutengel.

I still think this song is a little weird..like, “oh, the vampire revolution? That’s nice…” And then the vampire revolution turns out to be setting the world on fire.

Those vampires are in denial about being flammable, for sure.

I am also amused by the symphonic version because there’s a part starting at 2:18 and ending at 2:47, and it seems almost…cartoony in a way. I think that’s part of why I like the electronic version of this song better. But either way, the chorus of this song is nice. Another one I like to sing along with.

In other news:
Another fairly crap day. Except for my impulsive decision to make stir-fry at 11 at night. I am glad I made that.

It’s the only meal that isn’t just boiling pasta or putting a thing in the oven and waiting for it to be done which I bothered trying to make and didn’t ruin. Nom nom nom.


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