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22 is Durch Jede Stunde by Jännerwein.

This is another neo-folk song that I liked out of the ones that youtube tried to introduce me to.

It sounds more folksy, I think. Probably because there is a actually a recorder or pipe type instrument in it…it was a little jarring at first, but really…it reminded me a bit of the sort of thing the singing groups that go to our state Renaissance festival sometimes do.

Jester was not too impressed. The first time I played this song with him around he was like, “Um…you don’t really like this froofy song, do you?”

Erm…yes. I said in a teeny voice. 😦

I don’t know that I would describe this as a “froofy” song…but obviously I am biased. I am also a little hesitant on what the song is “about”. My English vocabulary is still the only trustworthy one I possess (although I am learning new words all the time…baby, baby steps), and the translations I’ve seen for this song don’t seem very good–like they used Google translate or something because the English versions don’t make sense. As nearly as I can tell, the song is kind of about…how everything is dying eventually, and we all get what God gives us…and when it’s gone, meh…we die too, obviously.

Very froofy, I’m sure.
A bunch of their songs that youtube suggested to me seem to be about dying or not understanding why things are the way they are…which I’m totally fine with as far as lyrical content, but then suddenly there was this one overly cheerful song about summer. Gag.

That one was froofy. I could not listen through to the end.

Still, even among the more pessimistic ones I haven’t found any more that I really, truly enjoyed. Some I almost like, but not enough to seek out and add to my music library.


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