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23 is Broken by Rome.

Idk. I like this song, but…I think I liked it a lot better back towards the beginning of the year. I find myself skipping over it more frequently now.

I thought it was interesting that the EP this was inspired by some of Shakespeare’s , namely the play Coriolanus. I’m interested by that partly because I really don’t enjoy Shakespeare, and also because that particular play was never covered in any of my Shakespeare-related classes–not the survey of British Lit., not Renaissance Lit., not my straight-up Shakespeare course…none of it.

I haven’t been curious enough to read it although I still have my Shakespeare anthologies, so I could bust it out at any time. Eventually I might. Maybe.

As for the song itself–the chorus is the good part (again). I also liked (initially) what seemed to be an angry tone in the song, but as I have listened to it more, it seems more like exasperation…and I think that’s probably what dampened my liking for the song.

The way it ends is weird, too, to listen to it apart from the EP. It’s one of those songs where the audio bleeds over into the next track and there isn’t a clean break between songs…I’m not a fan of that.


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