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I live less than 10 miles from my theatre. Travel time is a bit better, usually, than when I lived 32 miles away. Like 20-30 minutes, rather than 30-45.

Not last night though. It took me an entire hour to get home because of snow. Got here around 435 because, about two miles from the apartment, there is a farm. This farm is on a two lane road, and also is right after the bridge over the river…aaaand there was an accident right by the farm so the narrow road was impassable. And when I turned around, I had to go back to the wrong side of the river. But I don’t know where the next bridge is, or if it connected through back to where I needed to be…so I drove aaaaaall the way back to the theatre to get on the highway (which I’d wanted to avoid), and drove home that way instead. It was terrifying.

The tread on my tires doesn’t indicate that they need replaced, but I’m seriously considering replacing them anyway because Erika is way, WAY more prone to sliding than either of my previous cars. With her, one mustn’t drive faster than 20-35 mph (something like 32-56 kph) if one would like to stay on the road. And I would. And I one-hundred-thousand-percent don’t want another accident. Especially not now that Comrade Doctor’s hospital is probably the closest one to me.

Welp. Here is a song.

21 is…Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss performed by the Wehrmacht Musikkorps.

Ugh. -_-”

I’ll stop this eventually. I swear. I really, really will.

But…much like I said last year…they just sound so happy…and Wolf-me is making all kinds of excuses about trying to cheer us up and how there’s really nothing inherently wrong with the songs, so it’s not a terrible thing to have them showing up on our most-listened-to playlists…buuuuut tbh, I am still disappointed with myself. Not least of all because these marches show up three more times for this year.

Still, on the bright side, this one wasn’t a repeat from last year (which makes it worse, in a way…because that means there are more of them than I admitted to last year), and also…at least it’s not the Condor Legion theme song, soooooo…

Yeah. I have no idea how long it will take me to recover from my unearthing these songs, and eventually put them out of my mind…but you’ll know first, I suppose.

Again, I’ve read what I could find about this song, and like at least two of the others, it wasn’t originally a march but was a folk song about a girl. There seem to be two versions of this song though…one where the girl has no money for a dowry, and one where the man doesn’t have enough money to ask the girl to marry him, and both versions ending with the man deciding he would never give her up regardless of the money situation.

There are also apparently different interpretations of the song in regards to translating it into English. Personally, I think people are being too literal, but idk. The title of the song is literally “brown-black is the hazelnut”, and the speaker takes that and uses the colour to describe his and the girl’s hair…but it makes better sense, I think, when schwarzbraun is interpreted as auburn rather than black-brown. Because hazelnuts aren’t black-brown. They’re red-brown, right? Which is what auburn hair is. Right?

Image result for hazelnut
(While we’re on the subject–I haaaaate hazelnuts! Out of all the nuts, they are the worst. Even brazil nuts–which everyone else I know seems to hate–are better!)

I think I listened to this song more this year because, ultimately, as someone who married a redhead this past May–one who is constantly reminding me of his redheadedness, I might add– it amused me that the song was about a redheaded couple. 😛

Anywho. I hope you will forgive me for still not being over my march phase…but I haven’t found any other new ones that I really like. I swear!

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