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20 is Sing by Blutengel

Another song with a really good chorus.

Also…I don’t think I have ever included a song on one of these playlists that is a “this is why we listen to music/this is why we sing” song. There are a few that I can think of which I like (like Voltaire’s Death Death Devil Devil Evil Evil Song) but it seems like a lot of bands in the genres I gravitate towards don’t write much music about the purpose of the music.

Obviously this particular song only covers a fraction of the vast subject that is “what is music’s purpose?”, but it’s also kind of funny in that it does it without having to tell you directly.
The verses are all about how volatile love is and how it is when you lose someone, and giving up because blah blah blah…and then the chorus is about singing for all the things that you’ve lost. Not just romantics gone bad, but for friends, for other relationships, and for things that never happened…and in my opinion, the tone of the chorus implies that you sing to help yourself. You sing because it lets you move forward. Because it’s cathartic.

I can’t really argue with that, since most of the songs I end up listening to a lot are–in some way–cathartic for me. Not always about loss or sad things, but…you get the idea.


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