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17 is Königin der Nacht by Blutengel.

This song is probably the only German one on my 2016 playlist that I didn’t try very hard to learn the words to and actually…forgot what parts of the song were about. x_x”

But I did listen to it a lot. And there is a translation I read where, even if it isn’t spot-on, I think the translator did a good job of making it sound poetic. Good enough that I was strongly reminded of a part in he Lord of The Rings, where Galadriel is singing a song about how sad she is to not be able to return to the home of the elves, across the sea…

This song isn’t *about* that, but the sentiment is bizarrely similar…this one is more along the lines of being separated from someone you love, and also maybe a vampire story, what with the title being “Queen of the night”…

The music is kind of pretty…it has twinkles and things. Probably the most of any of the songs that have appeared for 2016 so far.


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