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18 is To Die Among Strangers by Rome.

Heh. Here is a silly thing about my listening to this song–

This was one of the first five Rome tracks I added to my music library after deciding that I liked A Legacy of Unrest enough to take a chance on this band…and that was also when I was at (what will probably remain) the peak of my interest in monsters…and that was why I picked this song.

Because of the bit about being undead.

Except that these undead aren’t spirits or monsters, and because I wasn’t paying very much attention, it took me AGES to figure it out…that the whole thing was about waiting to be executed, and already knowing you’re dead.

According to my music library stats, I embarrassed myself so much with that error that I gave up on downloading any more of their music for something like 6 months. Silly, 2013 edition Reeser…

To further illustrate my failure at listening to musics, I also note that the first few times I heard this song, I mistook for a trumpet those violin strains that break in at 0:42. Whoops.

Still, I’m glad I didn’t give up on them. There is a lot of music that I never would have been introduced to otherwise.

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