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14 is Wir Ziehen Voran by Leger des Heils

More neofolk that I found on schedule writing days.

I think that part of why it’s hard for me to get other people to like songs that I like is because…I really enjoy repetition.

I’m that terrible person who (if I liked that style of music) would try to convince you that Surfer Bird was a good song. And it makes me a little sad to recognize this shortcoming in myself…but…this is who I am, I guess.

I say all of that, of course, because this song has a lot of repetition. Especially towards the end. I think the first time I listened to it with Jester around, he started getting fidgety and finally asked how much longer it would be before the song ended, because it just goes. And goes. And goes.

It seems fitting to me though, that the song would have a sort of relentless quality to it, since the title is something along the lines of “We’re Moving Forward”.

It’s another one though, where I am frustrated that I can’t find a translation (or even the original lyrics in German) anywhere online. While I can pick out a handful of words, I still don’t know enough to get more than a general sense of the song…disappointing.

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In non music news–I am super excited that today is the last day of the weekend. I need a day off, and I actually think that I’m going to take a look at the calendar for January and take a few days off as soon as the schools are back in…the feeling of overwork is real, friends.

Not that I haven’t done my best to keep having fun…the other night with my high school aged ushers was good times…for whatever reason, they got unduly excited about the subject of communist Russia and KGB jokes and that lasted the entirety of my last hour or so.

Emma: Omg, I can’t listen to anyone else talk when they keep saying stuff on the radios. I hate wearing a headset.
M: Welcome to my life.
Emma: It’s like listening to my mom. She’s always saying too much stuff at once.
Me: Like…in different voices? Your mom speaks and two voices come out??
Emma: Maybe…like I said, it’s hard to listen.
Me: So, have you ever considered that your mom might be possessed?
Emma: *laughs* That would explain a few things.
Me: Well…like…have you ever seen her in the same room with Satan?
Emma: Wait–no. *pause* Oh my god! You’re right.
Me: My condolences.

Later, once the Russia thing got started.

Me: Emma–knock-knock.
Emma: Who’s there?
Me: KGB!
*Cameron cracks up*
Emma: Um…why are you laughing?
Me: Omg! Just answer the door, Emma!
Emma: Fine! KGB who?
Me: *bad Russian accent* We will ask the questions!
Emma: Oh, let me get my mom.
Me: *narrator voice* In this episode of Movie Funtimes USA, Satan-mom does an interview with the KGB.
Cameron: I’d absolutely watch that show.

…when I finally left the theatre, there was a chorus of “goodbye comrade!”s following me down the hallway. Very nice.

That’s all I’ve got for now.