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Omg…I worked over 16 hours on Thursday, and just over 13 hours yesterday…an 8 hour shift today seemed so short by comparison. Crazy. And I’m also tired, so I  will probably go to bed soon…

But yeah. My crew keep asking me if I ever leave now…bahahahahahahahaha. No, I actually don’t. 😦

Music now.

15 is my favourite song from Rome’s Hyperion Machine album, Celine in Jerusalem.

I was so excited to finally get the CD and not have to wait an extra six weeks for it to release in the US, buuuut I was also worried that maybe I shouldn’t have spent the extra money and gone to the extra trouble of getting a physical copy from Trisol…..but it was definitely worth it.

I really like the way this song starts, and that it is a sad song without being too sad. Like…I’ve mentioned before that Rome songs strike me as being more melancholy than sad, and that’s part of it…but I also think it has to do with their portrayal of sadness as being way more complex than a lot of artists make it out to be.

Not that there’s anything wrong or bad about having sadness as an isolated emotion, but in my experience, it’s almost never just sadness…it’s often paired with something like anger or fear, or if it’s not that, it’s that the actual emotion concerned isn’t sadness itself, but something related…things like disappointment or disenchantment, helplessness or regret, etc…and just about all of Rome’s “sad” songs–in my opinion–depict those things…the combinations of feelings, or more specific points that are present in broadly defined emotions.

The story part of this song is pretty vague, compared with a lot of Rome’s other music, but my general impression is that the characters in the song got out of a violent situation, and that all the complicated feelings stem from wondering if that was the right thing to do, or if they’re any better off for it. Yay ambiguity.

Buuuut…I love this song, and I think it would have been higher in the list if it had been released earlier in the year (or if US customs hadn’t held my package for weeeeeeeeks). I feel like we’ll see it again next year.

Cheers for now.

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