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12 is Kline Puppe by Unheilig

This song is less pop-sounding and more in line with my usual music interests. More angry sounding and also electronic noises.

This one is kind of creepy, as it’s about a godlike puppet master who promises to protect and care for the little humans as long as they follow and support him…but…just based on the vocal delivery, and the way he mentions how little and easily broken they are, you know we’re not supposed to trust this puppet master…

I feel like this is a prime example that people would (at one time) have used to show me that the music I like is anti-faith or anti-authority, blah blah blah. I think that’s reading too much into it. Nobody ever says the puppet master is god or a politician or an institution or your parents…he’s just a figure that could easily stand in for anyone who claims to have your interests at heart but definitely does not.

I will never understand why that kind of message is so heavily condemned by certain people–to me it seems healthy to question the motives of those who are in charge of you or who make decisions for you. How will you know they’re genuine otherwise?

…this song also seems somewhat more relevant to me now than it would have before, specifically because of the way things are going with my company’s corporate figures, and more generally¬†with the way world politics seems to be going.

One really can’t trust anybody.

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