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Happy Christmas, WordPress. 🙂

7 is Erika, again with the Musikkorps.

Over a year later, I have to confess…I still haven’t persuaded myself that I never heard this tune on a carousel. I absolutely have to have done. My mind is convinced that I knew this song before all the nonsense with tracking down the vintage music samples in Rome songs.

I didn’t know what it was though, and now that I do I can’t fathom how it ended up in the repertoire of a carousel music box. But…where else would I have known it from? 😦
This question is very vexing to me. And the more I try to dissuade myself and tell myself maybe that I was mistaken, the more ridiculously latched on the Wolf-me becomes. He is convinced that we heard this tune as a child. Enough times to remember it, even, in spite of finding that there are words that go with it.

Mysteries that I will never solve, I guess. :/

I really haven’t made any further progress as far as appreciating this song. Just stuck on the wtf? feeling that I had last year when I first heard it. Although after listening to it so often, I am still slightly amused that the album cover connected with it in iTunes has that little STRICTLY FOR NON-POLITICAL USE label on it. (Because we know that this is the sort of thing that get’s people interested in political messages these days…I hear that “fashwave” is the thing right now…which I would potentially be in danger of getting interested in if I didn’t really dislike ambient synth music.)

Also, a semi-related sentiment about this song…
I regret using this to name my car. The Erika of the song supposed to be a sweet girl, and my car is decidedly not that way. In the time I’ve had her, I’ve noticed that Erika seems to have the personality of a dramatic tweenaged girl (insofar as cars can have “personalities”).

All the times she’s stalled for no discernible reason… (Maybe if I died you’d miss me!)
When she started sliding on the road in a light rain and then could not even when it actually snowed… (I hate you!)
When my battery died a few days ago and we jumped it…and Jester started my car before he left for work the next day and said she was fine…and then when I actually tried to leave–

Me: Alright–let’s go! teeth-emoji
Erika: lol, nope. I don’t wanna go and you can’t make me.kiss-emoji
Me: …………
Erika: ………………………..
Me: *sigh* Fine. Do what you like.
Erika: Yesssss!

I’ve had to buy her a new battery and a new set of tires in the past week and a half, so hopefully she’ll be agreeable for a little while at least. We’ll see, since I tried to get something out of my trunk this morning and discovered that  it doesn’t stay open on its own at all anymore…

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