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Ahh…today I sliced my hand open whilst walking too purposefully down the hall at the theatre. I was trying to squeeze past some guests and hit my hand on the corner of a poster case…

It hurts, but at least it didn’t bleed too much. -_-


6 is Verdammnis by Blutengel.

This song was in my 2015 playlist, too. I think I have just about 100% given up on the idea I talked about in my last-year post…that one of finding a friend who is enough like me that we could make sense to each other.

Nobody understands anyone. And I guess that means everyone is at least a bit like me, although this thought doesn’t comfort me because it’s what I suspected anyway. Oh well.

I can’t appreciate this song the same way because of that, but I do still like the sound of the song…I feel like in this one, the chorus sort of sweeps one up into that frantic searching for the thing that isn’t there, and with the verses slowing down just enough to give the impression of taking a moment to actually look at where you are going, rather than just running around without direction…

Not that one ultimately gets anywhere with either method, but I like the way this song illustrates with tempo the action of the lyrics.

I think I’ve been paying attention to that a lot more than I used to. Even if it’s mostly just so that I have a new thing to say to you about these songs that have been in my most-listened-to rotation too many times in a row. 😛


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