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4 was Reich mir die Hand by Blutengel.

I like this one for a few reasons…it was in my playlist last year, and I think I mentioned it being another one of the vaguely vampire-related songs by Blutengel. And also another one that mentions global incineration…but that’s not all that I can say about this song, right?

Other than those features, I think I like that this is a more upbeat, dance sounding song. I don’t enjoy dancing (or feel compelled to dance ever), but I really do like that type of music. Part of why I like a lot of the music that falls in the Goth-types.

The only part that I am not really sold on is the soft piano notes at the beginning and end of the song. They don’t feel like they’re really a part of everything else going on in this one. But there they are.

That’s all I can think of after my third really exhausting day of work, which I will also describe below…but I will try and do better for the last three of 2016.

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About work now…
Today was terrible. The sort of day where Thabet and I keep talking about what it might be like to walk off the job and just not be bothered by any of it anymore.

Not that we would, of course, knowing that all of our crew are probably thinking the same thing from time to time, and they haven’t walked off…

In such times I can appreciate that sense of shame that keeps people from acting out and doing impulsive things like that. And also the sense of belonging to a team, which forces everyone to bear with one another and realize that we are all in the same difficult situation and to not take it out on anyone.

Working at a movie theatre during the winter holiday season is damned hard. If you don’t think it could be, that just means you’re probably one of those people who makes a lot of assumptions about what customer service is like, and doesn’t take into account that ours is timed customer service on top of it.

It’s scary to think about leaving, but maybe I should. I don’t know. I don’t know what I’d do instead if I left. Terrifying. 😦