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3 this year was Irgendwann, by Blutengel.

Buuut I don’t have a link to share the song with you because the one I used last year was posted by a youtube user who is now blocked in the US for copyright infringement, so yeah. No song today. But I will post a little piece of the lyrics.

I liked Irgendwann mostly because it is another one of those “sad, but not too sad” songs which I really appreciate. Also because it’s another song that’s been useful to help me remember simple verb conjugations. And prepositions. This one also had some good prepositions.

I mentioned last year when I posted it that I really liked the chorus, and I do…so I’ll go ahead and post that bit.

Und die Welt um uns bleibt stehen
Werden wir uns wiederseh’n?
Wenn nicht heute, wenn nicht hier…
Irgendwann bin ich bei dir.

Wird die Zeit langsam vergehen?
Werden wir uns wiederseh’n?
Wenn nicht morgen, wenn nicht hier..
Irgendwann bist du bei mir.

And the world around us stops.
Will we see each other again?
If not today, if not here…
some time I will be with you.

Will the time pass slowly?
Will we see each other again?
If not tomorrow, if not here…
sometime you will be with me.

The lyrics themselves don’t look impressive, but music can make lots of trivial sounding things seem meaningful, and because of that I’m sorry I couldn’t share the music portion of the song with you this time. But still, there are two more to go, and those both have links I can post–a favourite from last year and a new one that I almost didn’t even bother listening to, but I’m glad I did because it got to be #1.

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