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Aha, my last song for 2016. Then it’s back to me raging against my job and Erika’s maintenance, or making rambling posts about insomnia and reading and questionable conversations I have with my theatre comrades.

1 this year is Kinder der Sterne by Blutengel, featuring Meinhard.

Number one reason I liked this song: twinkly sounds.

It made me happy to have a song with stars and twinkles in it. Although further reflection makes me think that it’s not about literal stars, although there is something along the lines of that Carl Sagan quote about how we are all made of stardust–mostly though it seems to be about how we are temporary creatures, living lives that flame out quickly as we hurtle into the void.

Super cheerful, I know. I suppose that accounts for some of the zeal of the song…the whole “eat, drink, and be merry” attitude one might have, knowing that he is hurtling into the void. Out of all the Blutengel videos that I have actually watched, I think this one is one of the more successful at depicting those ideas in a short visual story, too, so there’s that as well.

Musically, other than the twinkles, I liked the guest artist’s vocals…I think his delivery is really theatrical without falling into the Goth music stereotype of being low and broody. (Which is one of the things I like best about the genre, don’t get me wrong…but it’s also one of the things non-Goth fans are quick to point out to me…that “all the artists sound alike”, which I know isn’t true, but it’s what they tell me.)
I’ve tried listening to some of Meinhard’s music, and was disappointed to find that I don’t much like the style. I still downloaded a few of them in hopes that maybe they’ll grow on me, so we’ll see…either way, it was a nice change. And it also saves me from having all 7 of my top songs be straight-up Blutengel, which Jester was really disappointed by when he saw my list. x_x”

Anyway…that’s it for music. I hope you all have a great opening to the New Year. I’ll be at my theatre, celebrating by sweeping up popcorn, filling out paperwork, and getting holiday pay.

Maybe not next year…but who knows, eh?


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