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2 is Über den Horizont by Blutengel.

Ugh…I like this song so much. It was #1 last year in my most-listened-to playlist. I think it only moved down one slot because I got really excited about the song that ended up in the #1 slot, and listened to it on repeat on a lot of my long drives.

I mentioned last year that this song seemed like it could have two completely different interpretations…either kill yourself, or…don’t.

I’ve considered that more since last year, and I guess it really depends on whether you interpret the speaker in this song as a personification of Death, or as someone living. And that makes it even more difficult to determine the correct interpretation, because I wouldn’t’ve even considered Death as the speaker without the video…so relying only on the song, it’s telling you to be brave and go forward with a companion. Buuut the video seems to have Death as a potential speaker, which changes the song to be about giving up and being brave when you go on your journey with Death.

It definitely wins as the most ambiguous song I’ve enjoyed this year, what with these two completely opposing possibilities. I already made my mind up last year about which interpretation I favour, but that doesn’t mean I’m right…

It’s also different from the other sad songs I’ve included, as it’s one of those sad ones that makes me feel a little better despite the sadness in it. I think maybe part of that is the tempo…it’s pretty fast, tbh…less time to be melodramatic and draw out the sadness.

The other musical feature of this song that I like a lot is the lower-pitched twinkles. In the chorus part there are a few twinkly-sounding notes that go down the scale instead of staying higher up. I never noticed them until this past spring, when I’d already been enjoying the song for the better part of a year…but now that I’ve noticed them, I can’t help but hear them.

That’s it for now.

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