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At this time last year, the hospital was trying to put a lien on me because I still hadn’t received my payment from the auto insurance company, and thusly still hadn’t paid my bills from my visit to Comrade Dr…

Thankfully that is not how I’m starting 2017. Instead, it was with a crap day at work where someone yelled at me and my new boss told me later that I should’ve found a way to get a word in and make him happy, and not just stand there until he runs out of things to yell about before addressing him. (Because interrupting angry people makes them stop yelling…riiiight….)

And then I finally left and came home and had a compulsion-driven rage attack because there were food boxes and cereal all over the floor, and also because Jester completed a chore that I’d been working on, but hadn’t finished…and…this makes me unreasonably angry…because reasons. -_-”

And then I read blog posts about my being the #1 source of depression…which I am extremely hurt by, but w/e. Wolf me says “achievement unlocked!” because he is horrible and doesn’t have the sense to be hurt or to feel sorry for contributing to someone’s bad frame of mind…just angry…

So yeah, 2017 isn’t necessarily better so far, but I’m gonna get out to work soon and see how Day 2 goes.

…if I saved my receipt, I can still exchange it for my old 2016, right?